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At Beginnings at 3 p.m.

Help is needed for set-up and organization.

Call Jennifer at 499-2883 or 986-7689 or Sunshine at (sorry, I got the number wrong – and sorry to Wanda who doesn’t know anything about it).

The latest in compromise proposals potentially replacing triggers and coops is an option which would allow states, through legislation or referendum, to “opt out” of the program; thus providing Blue Dogs cover for those states with heavy insurance interests.  It allows them to punt to their own state legislatures (which will be interesting in states like Montana where polls suggest support for the P.O., but Baucus is under heavy insurance company pressure).  Apparently the ideal is “gaining steam.”  Most of the states opting out would be small red states whose omissions wouldn’t greatly affect the economies of scale necessary to finance such a program.

Some activists are sanguine.  Others not so much.

Addendum: According to Rachel Maddow, it’s “busting heads” time.  Some very aggressive tactics are in the works, including threats to strip committee chairmanships from Democrats who vote to filibuster.  When was the last time Democrats put up this kind of fight?  Not in my lifetime.

Second addendum: According to this poll, it’s finally caught up to the Republicans.  People aren’t happy with them over their handling of healthcare reform.

And Nate Silverman says we should grab the opportunity with the opt out option.  Howard Dean is also pushing it.  House progressive Democrats are saying essentially “whatever.”  The Party of No says, well, “no.