AviI’m still stunned over this.  I didn’t know her real well, but I coached her son in soccer last year and she was always there to support him.  She was also my client and I had spoken to her just days ago.  I know that people involved with the schools, where she was very active, are in shock.

She was on the way back from a trip to Oregon and apparently fell asleep while driving.  She had kids in the car, one of them seriously hurt but doing better.  Thankfully all of the kids survived.avi2

Jojo posted in a thread below this link to the article about her death.  I would caution that the photographs of the vehicle are quite dramatic.

If anyone has photographs of her to post, please send them.

Addendum: The photo above is of Avi and her son Ilon and Tofu’s daughter.  Thanks to Tofu who sent the photo.