These are some of the more recent polls specifically on support for the public option, and bear in mind that one of the lower results, Rasmussen, worded the public option to sound like single payer rather than merely an option.

Meanwhile, the Progressive Caucus “isn’t bluffing.”

“We have never had the Progressive Caucus organized the way it is right now,” Burner said during a Friday roundtable with Roll Call. “This is not the normal scenario. And Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi [D-Calif.] knows it.”


As an unusually contentious public debate over the reform drive has put Democrats on the defensive over the August recess, liberal leaders have been upping the ante on the public plan to beat back a building perception it would end up getting scrapped in conference negotiations.

Burner said liberals have new organizational muscle to back up their threat. As evidence, she pointed to a fundraising effort coordinated by and left-wing bloggers that netted about $400,000 in small-dollar donations in just a few days for 60 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Those lawmakers signed an Aug. 17 letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius pledging to vote against a bill that doesn’t include a robust public plan.

As I’ve said, I would just as soon have everything in the bill scrapped but the public option.  Don’t put any additional requirements on the for-profit folks.  Just give us a competative public option and let the market do its thing.  Have you ever seen conservatives so terrified of the free market?

And here’s a nice andecdote:  “How I survived the Swedish Death Panel.”

Addendum: Add Mark Warner to the list of Senators willing to vote for the public option.  I think that brings us to 48, two votes away if the Democrats have the guts to invoke reconciliation.

Second addendum: “Republicans for the Public Option” – aimed at Grassely.