Just the latest I’ve come across.  I can’t make out all the words, but according to this Kos post the woman speaking is a cancer survivor speaking about her inability to obtain coverage due to her pre-existing condition.  She is booed by some in the crowd.  The Kos poster provides an intro:

The fourth speaker was the first one to support reform, a 60-ish woman who had had cancer in the 90s, has been cancer-free for many years, and now could not get a policy due to her pre-existing condition.  The audio for this is only fair, and since David was filming from the progressive ghetto in the audience you get an exaggerated view of how much the audience supported her.  The snippet in the Register video lets you hear the booing and catcalls loud and clear:

A more complete account.

This morning I was watching on CSPAN a town hall meeting in Virginia.  I didn’t recognize the representative, but Dr. Howard Dean was there to speak.  The opposition had been booing and cat calling throughout the presentation, but when Dean got up there was an overt attempt to drown him out with the chant of “baby killer” until some individuals were physically removed from the room, no doubt on their way to log onto the Malkin blog to report that their free speech rights had been violated by union thugs or something.

At this meeting however, it was clear from the “thank you signs” being held up that the majority by far supported the house bill the representative was pushing – not sure which one it was.

I will be at Thompson’s town hall meeting at Redwood Acres this Wednesday evening.  Hope to see some of you there.