Dear Friends,

This has been a wonderful season at the park. The Community Farm is in full swing providing CSA baskets to many households and fresh produce available at the Farmers Market in the Town Square on Fridays. The trails are full of people walking their dogs, hikers, and joggers and herd of goats deployed to keep down the poison oak, invasive species, and to help reduce the fire hazard from the underbrush.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that while the Park is temporarily allowed to keep the gates open to a short list of activities, there are many common activities that are currently prohibited by zoning regulations. As you may recall, in February it was brought to our attention that many activities, including hiking, biking and picnicking at the Park are not allowable under current Agriculture Exclusive Zoning.

On March 25, as recommended by the Planning Department, the Community Park filed a General Plan Amendment petition to rezone park property and obtain a new zoning classification that will better serve community needs at the park. That application was relatively simple and included a very brief project description as Kirk Girard suggested at the public planning meeting.

The Park Board has reviewed all the available zoning designations and found that each of the available zonings are missing key elements. We have concluded that the Community Park needs a requires a new zoning to fulfill community needs at Park. We have begun to collate all the key components that we would like to see in a new zoning. The information from the various community planning sessions; input from various park users, groups and community members and the information from the completed studies have all been incorporated into this draft.

We have not as yet had any feedback from the Planners regarding the concept of creating a “Community Park Zone” so we do not know how it will be received by them. While it may be a bit premature to release this information, we certainly want to keep you informed and most importantly, we want to take your input on this draft concept. The draft zoning proposal is attached here and copies of the maps that show proposed locations for various community activities are available on the “Communications and Updates” page on our website at:

· Draft Zoning Proposal

· Public Uses Map

· Farming and Conservation Use Map

Current zoning documents and maps can be found in our Communications and Updates page in the Document Library. You can submit your comments to or send them to: SHCP, PO Box 185, Garberville, CA 95542.

Please note that the meeting that was scheduled for the Board of Supervisors to make a decision on the Park’s petition on September 22 has been postponed by the Planning Department due to their current workload on the General Plan Update. We will let you know when the new date has been scheduled. Until then, we’d like to hear what you’re thinking.

Best Regards,

Kathryn Lobato