No documentaries, just fiction.

1.  Priest (Seen by some as anti-religious, but it’s really a defense of faith)

2. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring (Korean movie about Buddhism – unlike anything you’ve seen)

3.  The Mission (from the 1980s, about Jesuit support for the Guanari uprising 18th century – arguably the birth of liberation theology)

4.  The Quarrel (My Dinner with Andre type debate between Judaic secularism and orthodoxy)

5.  Mass Appeal (About the tension between complacency and dogmatism)

6.  The Seventh Seal (some say it’s the best movie of all time – don’t know about that, but it belongs on this list)

7.  The Chosen (about the tension between nonsecular Judaic liberalism and orthodoxy)

8.  It’s a Wonderful Life (a fav of traditional value conservatives, but actually a very liberal movie)

9.  Agnes of God (About the tension between Catholic secularism and othodoxy)

10.  Two Mules for Sister Sarah (Oh, it’s not a religious movie really, but I just threw it in because I think the scene where she runs away nude and comes back in a habit is, well, what it is).

This is off the top of my head.  I’m sure my list will evolve with suggestions.