Reggae On The River’s 25th Anniversary A Smashing Success

The Mateel Community Center would like to share its appreciation for everyone who came out in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Reggae On The River. Held on Saturday, July 18th at Benbow Lake State Recreation, this year’s festival was an important building block in the Mateel Community Center‘s effort to reestablish the great Reggae On The River tradition.

The natural majesty of our redwood surroundings and our mellow community vibe set the stage for a beautiful event which came to life in a diverse array of powerful performance, with lots of fabulous craft and import vendors, and plenty of fun stuff for families and kids. All of us at the Mateel Community Center feel it was the perfect, if unexpected, way to celebrate our silver anniversary and we hope the positive vibrations will resonate throughout the land and that even more of you will join our tribe in 2010.

Most of all we want to thank the ticket buying patrons.  Your willingness to spend your hard earned dollars in support of our efforts is truly humbling and, more than anything else, has ensured that Reggae On The River will remain part of the Mateel/ local identity for years to come.

Thanks also to our sponsors: Humboldt Nutrients, KMUD, Lagunitas Brewing Company, North Coast Mercantile, Hydro Pacific, KHUM, North Coast Co-Op, Amerigas, Redway Liquor & Deli, Sweet Leaf Tea, US Cellular, New Harris General Store, Mystic Lion Art, and Pipe Creek Posters.  Your support went a long way in making the festival a financial success.

Major kudos to our wonderful coordinators, contractors, and volunteer crews.  Your dedication to your jobs helped make for a smooth running event and we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you.

We’d also like to share our appreciation for our festival neighbors, especially Charles and Jan Benbow, John Porter, Matt Futrell, and Chris Anderson (who we’d also like to thank for the lions he donated), plus Garberville Chevron and the businesses of the Majestic Center for use of their properties for parking and as festival shuttle stops.

Big ups also to the good folks at Benbow Lake State Recreation Area for all their support.  Although we never expected that Reggae On The River would (or could) happen at this venue, we can’t thank them enough for welcoming us with open arms and allowing us to continue the tradition in our local park.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to see you again next year as we celebrate 26 years of great reggae and world music. Long live Reggae On The River and the Mateel Community Center!

Justin Crellin

On behalf of the board and staff of the Mateel Community Center