Anybody remember this classic from SNL?

Jane Curtin: Well, the 1970’s are in their final month, and with some thoughts on this decade and the one we’re about to enter, here’s Weekend Update’s Social Sciences Editor Al Franken.

Al Franken: Thank you, Jane. Well, the “me” decade is almost over, and good riddance, and far as I’m concerned. The 70’s were simply 10 years of people thinking of nothing but themselves. No wonder we were unable to get together and solve any of the many serious problems facing our nation. Oh sure, some people did do some positive things in the 70’s – like jogging – but always for the wrong reasons, for their own selfish, personal benefit. Well, I believe the 80’s are gonna have to be different. I think that people are going to stop thinking about themselves, and start thinking about me, Al Franken. That’s right. I believe we’re entering what I like to call the Al Franken Decade. Oh, for me, Al Franken, the 80’s will be pretty much the same as the 70’s. I’ll still be thinking of me, Al Franken. But for you, you’ll be thinking more about how things affect me, Al Franken. When you see a news report, you’ll be thinking, “I wonder what Al Franken thinks about this thing?”, “I wonder how this inflation thing is hurting Al Franken?” And you women will be thinking, “What can I wear that will please Al Franken?”, or “What can I not wear?” You know, I know a lot of you out there are thinking, “Why Al Franken?” Well, because I thought of it, and I’m on TV, so I’ve already gotten the jump on you. So, I say let’s leave behind the fragmented, selfish 70’s, and go into the 80’s with a unity and purpose. That’s what I think. I’m Al Franken. Jane?

Jane Curtin: Thank you, Al. That’s the news. Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

The Minnesota Supreme Court has uninimously declared Franken the winner over incumbent Norm Coleman.  As surreal as it sounds, Al Franken is the newest US Senator.

Is it over?  Will Coleman appeal to Federal Court?  Will Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty execute the certification?  Will the Federal Court grant Coleman an injunction against certification?  Will the Senate Republicans filibuster Franken’s confirmation?

Coleman is holding a press conference at 4:00 eastern time, which is about a half hour away from this posting.

Pawlenty has said he would sign the certification.

TPM has a slide show of the trial.  And Franken’s career.

The photo comes from TPM.

Update: It’s over.  Norm concedes.

Addendum: someone brought my attention to this amusing clip from a debate between Franken and our favorite hippie.

Posted by request, but of less interest I think, is a brief clip of a confrontation between Al and Norm following a debate.  Franken’s wife gets in between them.  Not sure why it’s post-worthy, but I aim to please.

Tom Davis reminisces about being arrested with Franken.

Second addendum: The Freepers are freaking out.

Third addendum: TPM headline – Murdoch Press Blows a Gasket over Franken Win