But Dr. George Tiller, a physician who performed late term abortions, was murdered while attending church in Kansas.  I have my questions about late term abortions, but he performed legal services.  He had survived a similar attempt in 1993.

Now expect the media to give their microphones to a gaggle of Operation Rescue hacks who will say “it’s a tragedy but…” and then gently slam everything this doctor stood for.  That’s if they can bring themselves to call it a tragedy.  Instead, they might simply say, “I don’t condone the act, but…”

Here’s a little background info on the suspect, courtesy of the conservative blog Little Green Footballs, who to their credit are not softpedaling this incident.

Addendum: Randall Terry says Dr. Tiller got what was coming, then invites everybody for hot wings and beer.

And here’s a slideshow of photos of a vigil in SF tonight taken by frequent poster Moonshadow.  For just the photos, go here.