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Thanks to Heraldo for bringing my attention to the first video.  Youtube had a few more.

And here’s a video of the Humboldt delegation to DC to nab some transportation money.

All three videos were posted on Youtube by someone going by the handle coastoak.

Sorry, I forgot to post this.  By the time you’re reading this post it’s probably already happening. Head on over.

For another lazy Friday post continuing the top 10 movie series, I offer the ten best lawyer movies of all time.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird

2.  Anatomy of a Murder

3. The Verdict

4.  Witness for the Prosecution

5.  Inherit the Wind

6.  Philadelphia

7.  Amistad

8.  A Few Good Men

9.  Judgment at Nuremberg

10.  The Accused

A few honorable mentions:  And Justice for All, Presumed Innocent, and Breaker Morant.

No, I don’t like any of the Grisham novel adaptions I’ve seen.  I think I’ve only seen The Firm and Rainmaker.

Addendum: A Passage to India belongs on the list.  I don’t know where.

There’s an alert which was announced on KMUD of an armed robbery or burglary on Bell Springs Road and that the suspects are at large identified as three African-American men in a white vehicle with faded white paint.  They’re probably on 101 on their way to the Bay Area by now.  I don’t find the alert on the Sheriff’s press release page.

Tom Seabourn has some information.  It’ll be at the courthouse, tonight at 5:00 p.m.

It’s part of a national coordinated action.  Single payer advocates have largely been left out of the discussion.  In fact, they’ve been asked to leave meetings as Obama vehemently resists the concept.  From my point of view single payer is a moderate proposal.  It’s socialized insurance, not socialized medicine.

Addendum: Looks like Kennedy’s not going quietly into the night.  He’s calling for a public option which can at least compete with private insurance companies.


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