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I’ll be talking national politics.  I may have a guest.  7:00 p.m. on KMUD.

Addendum: Okay, we’ll be talking about the Obama/Cheney dueling speeches, Guantanamo and the sudden deficiencies in the federal prison system, Pelosi  vs. the CIA, and what’s left of the Republican Party.

Do you believe the waterboarding saved Los Angeles?

Second addendum: Obama v. Cheney.  Cheney mentioned 911 25 times.


Summer Arts & Music Festival (June 6/7)- program due to hit newsstands next this week

Reggae on the River (July 18)- Tickets moving fast, locals encouraged to get tickets in advance

And this weekend:

90 to 6 with 4 nonvotes.  The roll call is here.

The Democratic leadership supported the vote on the basis that they want to hear more about Obama’s plans with regard to the detainees.  Apparently few of the Democrats and none of the Republicans have faith in the Federal Prison System to hold these guys.  If the system is that incompetent, why aren’t we holding hearings to revamp the system?  How many hardcore criminals have escaped the maximum security prisons lately?

The Republicans demogogue, and the Democrats cower in the face of it even when they’re supposedly holding all the political cards.  Very typical pattern.

Addendum: This from a TPM reader.

As Congressional Republicans make their childish complaints about the possibility of Guantanamo prisoners coming to the U.S. mainland, it’s worth remembering why they were put there in the first place. It wasn’t because they possess superpowers or that America doesn’t know how to lock up dangerous people. It was solely so that they would be outside of the reach of the U.S. legal system.

District elections are a product of the Progressive Era, though it’s taken a century for it to catch on in Eureka.  It’s a great boost for grassroots candidates for obvious financial and organizational reasons.

It has been vehemently opposed by entrenched powers in the history of the 20th century, as the reform undermined urban machines across the country, from the Daly machine in Chicago to Willie Brown’s in San Francisco.  The “downtown” interests in the latter city managed to use the Moscone/Milk killings as an excuse to overturn district elections, but the progressives managed to get it reinstated in the mid-1990s and they haven’t looked back.  In Chicago during the 1950s the Catholic Church regarded district elections as part of a communist conspiracy and suggested that it might be at least a venial sin to support them.

The discussion has arrived in Eureka with two Times Standard articles (onetwo) and a public meeting to be held in June sometime.


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