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It’s been a long day so I’m not going to be fancy with my prose.  The treatment of Carrie Prejean, aka Miss California, is way over the top.  For those who don’t know, Ms. Prejean was asked in one of the big beauty pageants whether she believes all of the states should follow those approving universal marriage.  She responded with perfect honesty laced with ignorance.  The claim is that she would have won the title but for her response.  Someone else won, and Prejean sort of became the Rosa Parks for the homophobes.  Then came the personal attacks including the idiot pageant judge who asked the question aggravated the situation by publicly calling her a “dumb bitch,” as if someone who judges in a competition where women take off most of their clothes and parade around a stage trying for statuesque perfection as meat to be consumed has any claim to moral superiority or even political correctness.

Well, apparently she hasn’t been making the agreed-upon public appearances so she’s been replaced as “ambassador” for the Miss California organization.  On top of it some sleazoid has dug up some photos of her posing topless taken when she was 17, which apparently violates Donald Trump’s rules.  Trump owns the contest.  He’s holding a press conference tomorrow where he’s going to announce his decision as to whether she should be stripped of her title, I guess for the photos.  It’s kind of a replay of a couple of years ago when he gave a pass to the Miss USA winner who drank some booze at a party afterward, and then Rosie O’Donnell got involved, and in response Trump showed himself to be a humorless prick.  Now two years later he’s back in the seat.  10 to 1 he doesn’t take her title away.  It’s not his constituency which was offended by her comment.  Maybe he’ll use the breast pics as an excuse, but I suspect not.

Meanwhile, some genius twittering has compared her to Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, a statement getting some media attention for some reason.  It’s really out of line.  She took enough flack for the comment.  They don’t have to ruin her life.  And if the blogging of these pictures are in retaliation then it says more about them than her.  Any gay rights activists condoning any of this is party to vicious misogyny, and in fact I wish some of them would speak up about this.  I don’t give a flying anything about the pageant itself.  This young woman simply doesn’t deserve any of this.  I feel very strongly about the issue, but really, her response to the question was in substance Obama’s campaign position, though quite frankly I don’t believe it’s his earnest position.  I suspect privately most of the national pols has no objection to gay marriage, McCain included.  But it’s their official position, and they have responsibility for policy.  This kid was set up by a question which is probably too serious for the occasion, and her comment isn’t going to have any impact on gay rights.

Anyway, whatever Trump says or does tomorrow, I think it’s incumbent on progressives to tell fellow progressives to call off the dogs.  We all said dumb things at 20, and she’s entitled to her opinion.

Addendum: The “idiot judge,” named Perez Hilton, (no, I don’t follow pop-culture very closely), did apologize.

Second addendum: They had to go there.  Michael Steele warns that Obama will appoint judges like Perez Hilton.

Also, according to my dashboard I’m getting an unusually high number of clicks on the above links.  Are you really that interested in this story or are you just looking for the breast shots?

I’m sure most of you have heard the news about a soldier going into the military crisis counseling office in Bagdad and killing five officers.  If that’s not a signal that we’re demanding far too much of these young men, then we’re collectively deaf – especially as it synchronizes with the death sentence of another soldier sentenced to death for a horrible crime against an Iraqi girl a few years ago.

Anyway, somebody recently told me that no two countries have been at war with each other where both countries had McDonalds restaurants.  If I was McDonalds I’d be marketing the hell out of that one – if true.  Another friend thinks that streak may have ended with one of the Yugo-wars of the 1990s.  I’ll see what I can find.

In the debate as to whether humankind is actually progressing, we should note that since the UN has banned the aquisition of territory by war, there have been very few wars over territory.  The Israeli-Arab wars are obviously examples to the contrary.  Britain and Argentina fought a war in 1982 over some marginally useful islands.  Was the Iraq-Iran war over territory?  The “soccer war” between Honduras and El Salvador?  The narrowly averted war between Argentina and Chile in 1978?  It seems that the majority of the two nation wars in recent history have been over strategic concerns in ideological wars or economic resources other than land per se.

Except for the wars of occupation, there’ve been few wars between countries.  Most of the recent conflicts have been civil wars, though perhaps indepence issue wars are also technically about territory.

This post was prompted by a portion of an interview I heard on the radio this morning with Reza Aslan, author of How to Win a Cosmic War.  I’ve some more thoughts, but right now I have to get back on the road.

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