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Just finished my drive to Sacramento for a mediation tomorrow.  The State Farm adjustor isn’t going to show, but will be available by telephone.  Apparently the geniuses running the insurance giant have issued a one-month moratorium on court appearances and the like for their employees (not sure if that applies to in-house counsel).  I guess they’re in a worker’s comp panic about the swine flu.  You were wondering why the industry is in trouble?


Driving by the Robinson Rancheria Casino on Highway 20, a mostly dark road at night where this monstrosity appears like something out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, it’s apparent to me that gambling is a recession-proof industry.  The large parking lot was packed, and on a Sunday night as wayward fathers and maybe a few mothers dump their kids’ school clothes money down the slots.


KGO had a boring guest, and for whatever reason while I’m on Highway 20 I can’t get anything else except country stations, bad (programmed) rock stations, religion, and right wing talk.  I can’t get KPFA, nor any NPR station until I hit Williams.  So I listened to Bill Cunninham, who came up on three stations I could get, the clearest one out of Nevada.  He’d had Ollie North on earlier in the night, and somebody to continue the kvetching about ACORN with thinly veiled claims that Obama stole the election.  I heard the end of a pseudo-economics rant from “Doctor” Jerome Corsi (swiftboat guru and conspiracy theorist) pushing the abiotic theory of oil and conservation measures as “socialism” and blaming the recession on Obama’s ethanol policies (not Bush’s – Obama’s).

But the real treat was the open phone line session which evolved into a bitch-fest about the Correspondents Dinner, accusing Wanda Sykes of racism in her comments.  I didn’t see it, and most of the lines I did hear/read weren’t really funny (except where she asks how Sean Hannity will hold up to waterboarding when he can’t even stand the middle seat on coach – that was funny).  But I’ve been to several right wing blogs so far and, and listened to Cunningham, and so far nothing specific.  Cunningham just says that it’s okay for comedians to attack white Christian Republicans like Bush, Rush, and Cheney, but not black liberal presidents like Obama.  I’m only slightly paraphrasing.  So it would seem that a black female comedian attacking a white conservative male is inherently “reverse racist.”  (yes, Cunningham actually used that term).


When I could finally get KGO, the guest (of the guy who replaced Korel) was a woman with advice on how women can have it all – children as well as career.  A woman called in “appalled” by the show and the whole proposition that a woman should have a career and children, literally yelling over her phone “ask a child whether he wants to be with his mother or a day care worker.”  The guest simply responded that the woman was coming from a values based objection to mothers having careers and that she would respect that.  The show’s host was less charitable and argued that parents who smother their kids, who show up at school to clean up every mess, etc. aren’t doing their children any favors.  The guest simply stated the most diplomatic and PC – basically “different strokes for different folks.  Personally, I have enough trouble figuring out the right thing to do in my own life, and I’m right here in it.  I wouldn’t presume to tell others how they should live theirs or how they should raise their children, unless we’re talking something arguably neglectful or abusive.  Sending kids to daycare is neither.  But not every parent feels comfortable with it.  Fortunately we have an excellent place to send our daughter.


As I got into the valley tonight, the moon came up on the horizon, huge and orange.  Hadn’t seen one of those moons in years.  My father told me that the Coast Guard has to be careful on full moon nights as they get calls reporting fires at sea, very often the moon.  I heard a story about the Franco-Prussian War where one side thought it was a weapon from the other side and spent 20 minutes trying to shoot it down (presumably the French side since they’d have been facing east for the most part).  I haven’t attempted to confirm the accuracy of the story.


To bed.


Leave it to Humboldt County to make a big story out of the selection of a coroner to replace Frank Jaeger.  Maybe we can have a high profile partisan campaign for Assessor too when it comes up.

In any case, there are 14 applicants.  Read up and get ready to rumble!


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