I love Stewart Kirby’s line in this week’s Independent review of the Wolverine movie (which looks so bad that it’s commercial value will probably be limited to the enthusiasm of the geeks who have waited through three movies for their beloved Gambit character).

“I’m the best there is at what I do,” Wolverine says.  It’s a debatable if enigmatic point.  Some lay claim it’s Freddy Krueger, hands down.  I say Edward Scissorhands.

Looks like a movie I probably won’t see until it’s on DVD and I’m in the video store looking for something mindless and it’s left on the shelf along with an old copy of Mosquito Coast – the video cover you always look at and wonder why you never heard of it if Harrison Ford was in it.


The other geek movie was discussed on NPR this morning, specifically over the marketing slogan, “not your father’s Star Trek.”  I suspect what this means is “we won’t burden you with the wonder of the original series which was based on the ‘final frontier’ developments in real life combined with the social optimism of the time, and instead we’ll go all Matrix on you and dazzle you with CGI and one-liners because we know that actually thinking about what you’re watching isn’t high on your agenda.”

But that’s too long for a movie poster.