In between court appearances and breaking in my new laptop at Ramone’s; sitting here in fascination of a painting across the room depicting a naked woman with rabbit-sized ears trying to shield herself from a nearby television with a blank screen.  I guess she’s an elf or something which leads me to believe the painting is about popular culture killing the magic.  There’s nothing on the screen because, well, symbolically there’s nothing on the screen.  Anyway.

I learned this morning that Los Bagels is now open on Tuesdays.  Try the sushi bagel, with wasabi cream cheese, salmon, cucumber, and black sesame seeds.


I’ve been on the road too often lately and my kids, particularly my four-year-old daughter have begun to notice.  That’s a downside.  On the upside, on my trip to the Mendo coast last week I made a couple of discoveries.

My partner and I arrived after nine on Thursday evening.  Most of the restaurants were closed or closing, so we stopped at TW’s on Main Street.  From the outside it looks like any vinyl booth greasy spoon, but their menu advertised their clam chowder which apparently came in first for local tasting.  As there are some dynamite restaurants out there, that would take some doing.  I wasn’t very hungry, so I ordered a small bowl and I wasn’t disappointed.  I don’t know where they got their clams but they were fresh and large.  I can’t vouch for the rest of the food, but for a bowl of chowder that’s where I’ll go.

The real treat came the day following, when we had a late lunch after depositions.  I’d previously noted that Sharon’s by the Sea was having some troubles as the economic conditions cut down their business considerably.  They’re closed due to some tax issues – I’ve never understood the tactic of forcing people to pay taxes by cutting off the revenue which would make it possible.  They serve excellent food and I hope they open again soon.

I hadn’t been to the Warf, another restaurant down in Noyo Harbor, in years.  I wasn’t too impressed the last time around, though their second story room with large windows over the water always made for a nice atmosphere.  Apparently a few years ago it was bought by a Mexican-American chef who has transformed it into a nice-but-not-too-fancy quasi-bistro.  I ordered the fish tacos and they are the best I’ve ever had.  Truly.  Served on thick homemade tortillas fresh from the oven (that’s why the dish takes awhile) with lightly spiced non-breaded grilled fish, cabbage, avocado, and a sour cream-based spiced sauce with just the right amount.  When I asked for salsa for the accompanying rice and beans, the waitress said “I’ll bring it, but you may want to try them first.”  I did and she was right, they were full of flavor on their own.  The prices aren’t outrageous, but they’re a dollar or two above what they might be if the dishes weren’t gourmet.  Strongly recommended.


Just tried the Tea Room out in Shelter Cove yesterday.  I hadn’t been out there in a couple of years.  The Tea Room was the only open place on a Monday afternoon.  The deli has rebuilt after the fire, but they’re still stocking and expect to open in May – at least that’s what the locals told us.  It was my first visit to the Tea Room.  It’s unique.  Not cheap, but not outrageous either.  Great atmosphere, though I wish the building exploited the ocean views with a few more windows.  The turkey soup was refreshing after a long day of inspecting properties for legal cases in a chill which triggered memories of my childhood on the San Mateo coastline.  The service was warm and friendly, and damned if that wasn’t the best tasting cup of Earl Grey tea I’ve ever had.


Okay, I need a mouse for this thing.  I’m too uncoordinated for the finger pad, and I keep right-clicking by accident.

Plus I have to learn how to shut this thing down without being forced to download updates.

Hey, what’s the difference between uploading and downloading anyway?

I’m off to an appointment.  I’ll probably post something later in the afternoon, though the news is overwhelming in its gloominess lately that I’m kind of avoiding it.  I guess consumer confidence is up, but as I’ve said I’m not going to be too optimistic about the economy until I’ve seen the first uplifting jobs report.  Again, jobs aren’t an “indicator” of the economy.  They are the economy.