A national medical emergency has been declared following 20 confirmed cases of swine flu around the country, including an outbreak in a New York City school.  So far the symptoms have been mild, with only one hospitalization, as opposed to Mexico where dozens have died.  So far no explanation for the difference.

I’m wondering if we were hit with it last week.  Both of my kids came down with fevers which knocked them out for a day or two.  Other kids in the community experienced the same.  I had a sore throat and some fatigue, but I can’t say I was feverish.  My mother was laid out and had some of the other symptoms.  This is about the time of year community members come back from Mexico.

Just being paranoid.  Putting it all in perspective, on average about 36,000 die of flu complications every year, usually the elderly, very young, or those with immune deficiencies.

But if this indeed the end and you survive it, will you end up in Boulder or Las Vegas?

Addendum: Do you really think this announcement will quell the conspiracy theories?

Second addendum: The EU is now warning its citizens against travel to the U.S.

The stock market has the flu.

And some in Mexico are blaming Smithsfield factory farms for the crisis.

Third addendum: Right wing conspiracy number two – the swine flu is part of a plot to jam Kathleen Sebelius through to head up the Department of Health and Human Services.