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From the Ukiah Daily Journal:

With a divided vote, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors gave tentative approval to the assignment of fees for Sheriff Tom Allman’s medical marijuana zip-tie program.

“This is just to introduce the ordinance, not adopt it,” said Board Chair and third District Supervisor John Pinches.

With 4th District Supervisor Kendall Smith and 5th District Supervisor David Colfax dissenting, the board voted 3-2 to move forward with the plan to charge $25 per zip tie, with a half-priced rate for patients on Medi Cal and disabled veterans.


“In summary, what we’re trying to do is give a very clear opportunity to people who are legitimate medical marijuana growers and give them some comfort,” he said. “This will speak for them in the same way a prescription bottle speaks for itself.” During public comment, Pebbles Trippet said the program should be tabled and sent to the Health and Human Services Agency and not the Criminal Justice Committee.


Allman said the program would seek to cut down on the level of bewilderment of those looking to comply with the law.

“The citizenry are looking for clarification,” he said. “I’m looking for clarification. Hopefully we will get more education out there where people will be in voluntary compliance.”


Colfax said that he was vehemently against the program as it would be ineffectual rendered ineffectual by its non-mandatory language and the lack of legalization from the federal level.

“I find this whole discussion of marijuana very painful at the same time very ludicrous,” he said. “I don’t know what is accomplished by a voluntary ordinance. What’s our standard of compliance here and what do we learn in the process?…I don’t see that putting a zip tie on one of zip plants achieves anything more than saying I love you sheriff’ or I love you board of supervisors.’…Legalize it and we’re home free. This document is simply not defensible.”

Okay, maybe it’s just too late for me to be reading, but I can’t figure out from the article what the hell is going on.  Maybe it’ll make sense in the morning.


On this day some folk around here celebrate the wonders of a substance which contains 420 compounds (about a fourth of which are proven carcinogens, but who’s counting?).

4/20 also happens to be my birthday, which I share with Hitler, Houdini, and Stephen Colbert (in fact Colbert and I were born on the same day).  Thanks to CPR for emailing Colbert’s Coalition ad against gay marriage.

4/20 is also the date on which Cromwell dissolved the British Parliament; Jews were granted freedom of religion in New Amsterdam (later New York City); Caracas declared independence from Spain; the siege of Boston began during the Revolutionary War; Marie Curie refined radium chloride; the introduction of sound to movies; the successful testing of the process of pasteurization; the Ludlow massacre; the opening of Wrigley Field (the Cubs beat the Reds); the Bay of Pigs invasion; the landing of Apollo 16 on the moon; The Columbine massacer; the dissolving of the German Red Army Faction; and the removal of homosexuality from China’s list of mental illnesses.


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