The woman who drove the vehicle in the accident which led to Roger Rodoni’s death pled no contest to vehicular manslaughter.  As you know there were no drugs or alcohol involved.  No jail time.  I’ve heard several different versions of the story, including a wacky conspiracy theory involving Blackwater.  Jury selection in the trial was to begin tomorrow.  I hope Johanna and her family take some comfort in the criminal matter being put to rest.

Through the link is the article, and attached to it various comments; some blaming the “liberal courts.”  I can’t make a judgment about the woman’s guilt or innocence.  I don’t have any facts.  We drive these multi-ton chunks of metal around and they’ve been made so comfortable and quiet, we’re kind of cut off from the full significance of the inertia we’re dealing with.  Driving is a deadly practice.  But most of us agree the benefits are worth the risks.  Maybe we’re all just nuts.  It only takes the slightest loss of concentration to generate enormous consequences.