4 percent increases in defense spending are cuts.  And other than the occasional left wing talking heads comments shrugged off by the MSM interviewers who’ve bought into the Republican meme, only the Daily Show seems to be up on the arithmetic.  Quite frankly, I wish there were cuts.  534 billion in capital-intensive, minimally stimulating, spending mostly to fight a cold war which ended almost two decades ago seems excessive to me.  Call me a liberal.

You have to use the link above.  I can’t embed it right now.

Meanwhile, does anybody remember Obama’s “Jewish problem?”  Right wing talking heads, throughout the campaign, kept referring to his Jewish problem, namely that he wouldn’t draw their votes for various reasons.  When election came around he drew 78 percent of the Jewish vote, only 4% more than Kerry received in 2004.

Is 4 percent the conservative’s magic number which reverses the laws of arithmetic?


Meanwhile, Obama is holding and will attend a Seder dinner tonight.  Someone on television last night said that it is the first time a Seder is being held in the White House in which the president will attend.  Apparently he’s making it up to his staff, many of whom missed their family celebrations last spring due to a protracted primary fight with Clinton.

I don’t know how many kids are attending, but I wonder if the youngest of Obama’s daughters will be the youngest attending and thus be assigned the task of asking the four Seder questions.  If filmed, it could be a remarkable moment in the history of religious ecumenism.