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Remember when newscasters used to at least pretend to be scholarly and professional?  Someone sent me these vid links and this is my problem with Fox News.  It’s not about the politics, I’m fine with a right wing news service.  And I agree that the Phelps family members are nuts.  So why put them on camera?  What are you trying to accomplish?

Addendum: There’s a similar interview with Sean Hannity in which she tells Hannity he isn’t a Christian.  From the fundamentalist perspective, she’s probably right, because much of the pain in the world from AIDS to war can be explained by a God which hates humanity.  Arguably, the Phelps family are among those who are true to the literal words of the Bible, whether they’re true to the spirit of the Bible.  But fundamentalists claim literalism and suffering is God’s wrath if you take the passages literally.  Maybe the Phelps family’s greatest crime is its honesty.

There’s also Nancy Grace.  This clip reminds me of old SNL, where the reporter’s stupid questions about a tragedy brings the subject to tears.

And I’m still trying to decide if this is real.  Is it real, or staged?  Was “Elizabeth” fired, or is the union that strong?  I’ve never seen any evidence of a sense of humor in Nancy Grace, so I seriously doubt she’s staging it.  Maybe this really was a Bob Roberts moment, only better.

I suspect that some geek has superimposed the humping scenes and what Elizabeth did was to leave up the Paris Hilton clips.  I think we would have heard about it otherwise.



I received this from a reader by email.

hi erik,
i sorta mentioned it on kym’s salmon creek slide repair thread, but you may wish to “scoop” the news of the briceland road repair… before the papers. i talked to one of the sign guys (and the money was allotted some time back (pre-$crisis))who confirmed that they will be chipsealing briceland road from ruby valley to briceland this spring. it looks like they are near the end of the mowing, the guy told me that it has to be done by june first…i didnt ask why.   so that is the word on the streets. a call somewhere could confirm and get the official story, but it is yours to do or not do with.  as a regular driver of that road…well, let’s just say i gonna lay some offerings at the altar of the greek god Miracles.
And now you know.  I’ll see if I can get more information.


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