It’s been getting a lot of discussion on some forums.  Mickey Kaus, a blogger for Salon, obtained sampling of posts on the list.  If this is some grand left wing conspiracy, the left is in serious trouble!  I’ll let Kaus himself explain.

JournoList Revealed! Inside the Secret Liberal Media Email Cabal

Michael Calderone’s article on the large, secretive liberal media email group JournoList sparked a lot of debate–some of it in this space–on whether this group is a healthy development for coverage of politics. The debate was necessarily speculative because actual JournoList discussions remained secret. But with more than 300 members of this club, virtually all of them with easy access to the media, did you really think a JournoList thread wouldn’t leak? People are rightly interested in learning what goes on behind the scenes at powerful institutions–or wannabe powerful institutions–whose power derives precisely from their decision to exclude the public.

Kausfiles has obtained a copy of one JournoList discussion, focusing on New Republic editor-in-chief Martin Peretz (for whom I once worked.) This is not a parody! It’s the real thing. I don’t know whether or not it is representative. I’ve edited it only to remove potentially defamatory passages–those cuts are marked–and left out various boilerplate links and commands embedded in the thread, such as “Print” and “Report this message.” … I won’t add my own commentary, at least for now. Find your own lede! Reminder to JournoList organizer E. Klein, who likes to take it private: All communications are on the record. …

You can read all the posts through the title link above.  I’m beginning to think the Internet induces some sort of maturity regression effect on our central nervous systems.