First he threatens the GOP moderates.  Then he backs down.  Then he called Rush Limbaugh’s commentary “ugly.”  Now he’s groveling such that you’d expect him to wear a cultural revolution dunce cap.

Meanwhile Rahm Emanual sees Rush as the gift that keeps giving, calling Rush “the voice and intellectual force and enrgy behind the Republican Party.” The Democrats have taken some lessons over the years.

Addendum: TPM has a scary slideshow of the CPAC conference.  Parental guidance suggested.

And their day in 100 seconds.  If you measure the economy by the stock market, we’re in free fall again.  Plus more Rush.

Meanwhile Blago has a six million dollar book deal.  Will you read it?  I got bored with him by the second day of the controversy, nevermind whether I want any of his royalties coming out of my wallet.

And Coleman rests, setting up for an appeal to keep Franken out of office for as long as possible.

Second addendum: The Freepers are turning on Steele.  A sampling:

Is he nuts? Does he not want contributions? You insult or stand AGAINST Rush….you are spitting on your base. Looks like I may have to change my affiliation to INDEPENDENT (until CONSERVATIVE) is allowed. I didn’t leave the Republican party…they left me.

This is very disappointing.

Personally I was jazzed by everything Rush said.

I’ve never been inspired by Michael Steele’s comments on Fox. Now I see why. He’s one of “them”.


I just emailed Steele and gave him a piece of my mind. He is pitiful, spineless, and a disgrace.

I am disgusted.

But these quotes take the prize!

Steele really disappointed me in his comments. I wonder if he is revealing his deep hidden allegiance to obuma’s skin in the game loyalty of race?????

Rush’s comments were clear, consise and to the point. Rush said what the Repubs are too, scared to say “the truth.”

In summation, steele is just “another got skin in da game rino brother.”

Gee Michael, maybe your BROTHERS will share a spliff w/you later. How pathetic to cave so they can say your bright. He thinks your a wimp and he’s right.

Frankly, I wouldn’t take this too seriously. Steele will be glad to have Rush on his side when the time comes. This is, to be honest, a black guy talking ya-ya with other black guys and that kind of “dialog” never yields anything terribly useful.


It’s like Rush said, we’re always acting like we’re the minority, letting the dems set the agenda while all we do is react to their bullying. We’ll, they set the agenda with a black president, and the pathetic GOP had to find their own black person to put in the store window. Enough of that crap.

Third Addendum: I missed this yesterday. Robert Gibbs calls on the media to ask Congressional Republicans whether they agree with Rush Limbaugh and want Obama’s economic plan to fail.