Liberal economic historian Jeff Madrick discusses the history of American government role in the economy with Fox News’ James Pinkerton, suggesting that the notion of a laissez-faire early America is a myth. It’s a very informative, and is really what a conversation between a liberal adult and a conservative adult should look like. Unfortunately, it’s not the type of discussion which draws ratings.


Jeff’s book “The Case for Big Government” (02:10)

The myth of a laissez-faire early America (09:14)

What Milton Friedman got wrong (10:26)

Jeff says Alan Greenspan’s model never really worked (06:44)

Stimulus worries (05:07)

Is government smart enough to rescue the economy? (07:22)

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What’s distracting to me is that Pinkerton sounds so much like Al Franken.

Anyway, there are other “diavlogs” like this one at