Some Prop 8 backers’ attempt to suppress disclosure of donors to public failed.


As you probably heard, Iraq has banned the Green Party financial backer Blackwater from its country.  Now Hillary Clinton has officially given the company the boot.


Fashionably red.  If you’re in or around San Francisco and you need something to wear you can rent something from the socialist boutique.  All about the illusion of ownership and the ownership of an illusion…


You may remember that Obama’s people came into office to discover that there really aren’t any files on the Gitmo detainees.  The records are scattered over various agencies, largely because there was no intention of actually bringing cases to court.  Daily Kos has a story and a couple of videos which tell the story of the politics of torture.  One of the main prosecutors has quit.


A kid my son’s age suffering from salmonella poisoning told his mother “it hurts so bad I want to die.”  This Kos post has the list of products which have been recalled.  Fortunately for my family the only items on that list which have made it into my home for the last 10 years are Cliff bars.  If something like that happened to my kid and I found out that it was caused by a deliberate act I might want to hurt somebody.

It sounds like the first hint of this peanut butter scandal was when some peanuts were held up at the Canadian border. Canada wouldn’t take them. The FDA inspected them and wouldn’t allow them into America either. That was in September 2008. The peanuts contained what the FDA called “filthy, putrid or decomposed substance, or is otherwise unfit for food.” In other words, metal fragments.

Of course, that wasn’t the FIRST hint. Oh no. The Georgia plant at the heart of the outbreak was inspected in 2001 and 2006. Hardhat Democrat chronicles the FDA’s recent findings at the Blakely, Ga plant, which are quite frankly disgusting. I find it hard to believe that the plant was in a condition that should have passed an inspection a mere 3 years ago.

The 12 instances in which the plant found salmonella in their products but sold the products anyway occurred in 2007 and 2008 – after the 2006 inspection. Apparently, they were shopping around for labs that would give them clean test results despite their plant’s appalling conditions.

With all of these details coming to light, the Obama administration launched a criminal investigation. Furthermore, press secretary Robert Gibbs has noted that the new FDA commissioner will be announced in the next few days and that the Obama administration WILL do something to address food safety problems. (The same article notes that Dubya had NO PERMANENT FDA COMMISSIONER for over HALF his Presidency… and that the FDA is perennially underfunded, which makes it hard for them to do their job.)

It’s why I laugh when people tell me they prefer bottled water because it’s safe.  Your tap water is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, which is much better funded and run than the very weak and hapless FDA.

Someone has to go to jail for this.