Yesterday I read a letter in either the Independent or Redwood Times. It came from a local trucker lamenting that a woman in some local coffee establishment has been hitting on him. He already has a girl, you see. And while she’s pretending she’s not hitting on him, she really is. He knows it. He has a girl (he mentioned that at least twice) an he wants this woman to have some class.

Well, at first I thought the man was really into himself and maybe making assumptions and that maybe the woman is just being friendly to be friendly. My perception was dashed this morning, and I wonder if my encounter was with the same woman. As I was paying for my coffee, she said “I hope you have a great morning.” And she smiled when she said it!

Not simply “have a good morning,” but “I hope you have a great morning!”


Think I’m going to have to call her boss.

Addendum: Our own version of Sam Malone’s letter was published in the Redwood Times and it’s now online.

And here are some comic book covers where male heroes are depicted as sex objects.  We should push for more comic books by and for men where we wouldn’t be so objectified.