Over the past 8 years when progressive media watch organizations have called the networks on the fact that they’ve interviewed more Republicans than Democrats on their news shows, the excuse has always been that the Republicans were the party in power.  Over the past few days these are the breakdowns for each network with regard to the economy.  Ironically, Fox News has been the most fair to Democrats.

From the Digby blog:

Can someone explain to me why I’m seeing Republican after Republican on television advising Americans on the right way to run the economy? Is there any reason why we should listen to them sanctimoniously lecturing us on “what’s worked in the past” and telling us that the only way to cure the problems they themselves created are to do more of the same? They’ve always been known for chutzpah, but this takes the cake.

We’ve discussed this before.  And we’ll probably hear from conservative posters in this thread who won’t cite any studies of their own, but will roll their eyes and cite what “we all know.”  Reminds me of the old SNL news satire along the lines of “reporting on our allegations confirmed by our own talking points and verified by our assumptions.”