Several email alerts tonight.  Two come from readers who frequent Daily Kos.


Rose Bird the sequel.  Proposition 8 supporters are going to push a recall of Chief Justice Ronald George for his decision in favor of equality of marriage.  I think it’s a political miscalculation, but they didn’t ask me. Thank you Moonshadow for the heads up.


Your tax dollars at work if this report is accurate.  According to the Huffington Post article, Bank of America, AIG, and Home Depot may have used bank baillout money to fund Republican candidates in opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act.  Thank you Rohn for the link.


And thank you Janelle for the following:

Dear Friend,

I just sent an email to support the inclusion of schools and solar in the stimulus package, two things near and dear to me. It only takes a moment, and I think it is important that we not assume that our votes in November were all that was needed to bring change. Please consider whether this is something you have a few moments to support:

Green jobs and investments in energy efficiency and green schools are in danger of disappearing from the trillion-dollar stimulus package in Congress, to be replaced with so-called shovel-ready jobs! This is a risk we cannot afford to take! Greening America’s schools, and investing in energy infrastructure have the greatest potential to capture the public’s imagination and catalyze change towards a green economy.

Greening and repairing America’s schools would create 300,000 jobs in the construction industry, and help stimulate green technology and energy efficiency. An investment in educational services will generate significantly more jobs – over 23 jobs per $1 million invested – than spending in any other public infrastructure sector.

In President-elect Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan, 3.6 million jobs are predicted to be created, with 30% in manufacturing and construction. We need to make sure these jobs help repair and green America’s schools. Renewable energy also cannot be overlooked in the stimulus bill – the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries created 8.5 million jobs in 2006, nearly $970 billion in revenue, and more than $100 billion in industry profits.

Please join me and Earth Day Network and email or call your member of Congress and Senators now at 202 224-3121 and tell them you want investments in green jobs, schools, and energy efficiency in the stimulus package. For green schools, tell them you want H.R. 3021, the 21st Century Green High-Performing Public School Facilities Act, included as part of the recovery package. The bill, already passed by the House with overwhelming bipartisan support, would mean $6.4 billion for school construction and modernization projects – beginning with 50 percent green certified – that will improve the health, safety, learning environment, and energy efficiency of our nation’s public schools.

It only takes a moment!! Email or call your member of Congress and Senator today – 202 224-3121




And then I received several emails on the Richardson Grove project.  As always, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of Sohum Parlance or its staff.

To Friends of Richardson Grove – this is an Action Alert sent by EPIC – I apologize for any cross-posting but I want to be sure the word gets out – this project is seriously flawed.  Thanks!  Regards, Barbara Kennedy

Protect Richardson Grove!
Comments due this Friday, January 30.

Dear Epic Alerts Member,

Please take a moment to make sure your views are considered on Caltrans’ controversial proposal to alter Richardson Grove State Park and its ancient redwood trees.

A sample letter is available here, to send in immediately!

Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) are due to Caltrans at the address below by this Friday. To read up on the plans on Caltrans’ website, click here.

Please act now to help protect one of the North Coast’s world-class special places.

Richardson Grove is one of the crown jewels of California’s State Park system. The area was protected for future generations because once the ancient grove is damaged or destroyed, it is beyond human power to restore.

Caltrans says it needs to change the grove to make it easier for big trucks to pass through the Redwood Curtain. The highway project would remove 89 trees from a one mile stretch of Highway101, construct a 17 foot high, 300 foot long retaining wall along the road, and cut into the sensitive root systems of up to thirty ancient redwoods. The proposed changes to the winding road through the giants will likely take more than a year to complete, with disruptive sounds, lights and construction equipment within and around the prized grove.

Caltrans says these impacts will not harm the natural environment or take away from the gateway feeling travelers’ experience when they cross into Humboldt County. But Caltrans’ environmental analysis does not adequately address either the harms the project is likely to cause, nor provide for sufficient mitigation to address those impacts. In fact, the project appears designed to benefit one set of commercial interests? businesses in Humboldt and Del Norte that ship in large volumes ? over others, including local trucking companies and the businesses and community nearest to the Grove.

Contrary to its own rules, and despite the fact that its project will lead to more big trucks travelling at higher speeds through the narrow grove, Caltrans has failed to provide for improved bicycle or pedestrian access as part of this project. Highway 101
is designated part of the Pacific Coast Bike Route, and California highway code (887.8.(b)) requires the agency to pay for bike access “(w)here the traffic safety or capacity of the highway would be increased.” But Caltrans has refused to do that here, suggesting instead that State Parks will build a bike path at some point in the future.

Remember that just over a year ago, when Caltrans proposed the project, they were sure they wouldn’t need to even consider the environmental impacts. Your input forced Caltrans to follow the law.

Let’s keep the pressure on to protect Richardson Grove!

I’ve included the sample letter below for you to copy and paste into an email to Deborah Harman, Senior Environmental Planner at Caltrans.

You can also send it with one click here!

Every comment counts!

For the Wilds,

Kerul Dyer, Outreach Director for EPIC

[I’ve put the sample letter into the first post, unless someone beats me there – interest of space]


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