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I couldn’t see it because I got there late (I had to park and I’d completely forgotten about the new security screening) and the room was packed, however, my wife and kids managed to get in before me.  By the time I got there Lilith was already in Clif’s arms getting the grand tour of the room.  Mark Lovelace was also sworn in, and Jimmy Smith was sworn in for yet another term.

It was very uplifting, and probably a much different crowd from previous ceremonies.  There was a decent sized contingent from Southern Humboldt.  Also lots of well-dressed jubilant environmental activists.

Tomorrow morning they get down to work.

Addendum: Heraldo was there as well, incognito of course.

Second addendum: The Times Standard reports that the transition this morning was “quick and uncontested.”  What did they imagine was going to happen?  Jimmy Smith is the new chair.  Clif is vice-chair.

He contradicts some other reports.

The question now is whether Coleman will file a court challenge.

Addendum: The Wall Street Journal is trying to make Coleman’s case, but Nate Silver says the editorial is uncharacteristicly sloppy and innacurate.  Senate Majority Leader Reid reportedly will not seat Franken until the legal issues are resolved, which could “take weeks, even months.”  He’s calling on Coleman to be nice and act in the state’s best interests.  Once again, the Democrats play like it’s a debating society while the Republicans play hardball.


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