He did it.  Blago appointed someone to fill Obama’s seat.  The would-be appointee is Roland Burris, and African-American forner Illinois state Attorney General.  They just held a remarkable press conference in which Bobby Rush came on to warn any Senators who might want to block the appointment that they’re a bunch of racists if they do.

Adding to the theater, the Secretar of State Jesse White will refuse any paperwork from Blagojevich.  And the Senate Democrats have already said that they will refuse to seat any Blago appointment.  However, there are legal questions about whether the Senate has the power to do so.  All eyes are on the Congressional Black Caucus.

It may well be that Burris is a fine pick, but he’s showing some bad judgment in the horse he’s backing.  Even if he manages to pull off the appointment, his career will be forever tainted whether he deserves it.  I imagine the Senate Democrats have been on the phone with him all day.

Addendum: Now Obama has chimed in.  So far as I can see, the Republicans are hanging back, but I haven’t really had the time to surf the media.  Maybe they’re too busy trying to rationalize Barack the Magic Negro.

And Fivethirtyeight has a more detailed explanation of the Senate options.

Second addendum: Here’s the press conference.