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These are from Eureka.

Addendum: I couldn’t find any videos of the Redway/Garberville parade, but I found Bunny Wilder’s video of Jake the Poodle’s Christmas tree.

Jake has his own Blue Moon series by the way.  You can find them all here.

Second addendum: Thanks to Ben for pointing me to Bunny’s Garberville parade video!

There are a handful of ballots which the Canvassing Board is dealing with today which may slightly alter the difference, but it’s clear that Coleman can win only if he wins one of the court fights or if he gets a boost out of the improperly rejected absentee ballots to be counted.  The latter is very unlikely as they come primarily from Franken strongholds, and it would be very ironic if they turned the election around as Franken is the one who pushed for them to be counted.  The primary court issue right now is 130 ballots Coleman says were counted twice.  It’s a complicated argument and seen as a long shot theory for him, but you can read up on the details at MYDD.

And actually fivethirtyeight has a much more detailed analysis of the duplicate ballot dispute.  The same blogger also disputes a Fox News accusation of Franken bias on the part of the Canvassing Board.

Franken semi-prevailed on the absentee ballot issue, probably in part due to this video put out in the days before the hearing.

The bottom line is that Al Franken will probably be Minnesota’s next Senator.  But just a few weeks ago everything seemed to look like a Coleman win.  Stay tuned.

Update: The 48 vote lead isn’t final.  There are some other ballots which are being challenged as to how they were tabulated, most of the challenges coming from Coleman who is desperate to get headlines declaring him in the lead before the break.  But it looks like Franken will be projected the winner following the recount through the Christmas holiday.  To use a tired football analogy, Coleman appears to be using all his time-outs and tossing “Hail Mary’s” in the last seconds of the game.  But Denver won a great game that way against the 49ers way back in 1983.

Addendum: Coleman is subdued.

The Times Standard article includes comments from owners of local businesses who say they may go out of business if it happens.


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