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Heraldo reports on yesterday’s Board of Supes meeting.  The Times Standard has coverage.

Apparently the Board opted for a “hybrid” approach rather than taking the County staff recommendation of turning it over to the Sheriff’s Department.  I want to know more about it before I comment.  I’d also like to know if code revisions, amnesties, and the like were discussed at all, and whether there is any planned follow up on that front.

For my second business trip in a row I forgot to bring along some element of my attire.  Previously I had forgotten a pair of dress shoes (as told in this thread).  Jana has been telling me for years that I need to have a checklist written in which I physically mark off each item.  My “pshaw” responses often come back on me because I frequently forget something.  This week I had a court appearance in Santa Rosa, and I forgot to bring a tie.

I took the opportunity to stay at my parents’ home in Guerneville.  I walked into town and into a store named “The Mercantile,” Guerneville’s “general store.”  Of course Guerneville is famous for various expressions of sexuality, so when I asked the young Asian woman if they had any ties she gave me a wry smile and directed me to the hardware section and pointed at the ropes.  She almost broke out laughing when I said “no, it’s for a suit” and indicated down my chest.  “Oh, neckties” she forced out in broken English trying to contain herself as she brought me to them.


On my way down Sunday night I was listening to a KPFA presentation of an Arthur Miller play about a man who had secretly wed two women.  There’ve been many movies and novels on subject, but this was the most interesting treatment I’d seen or heard.  But I wasn’t listening from the beginning and I didn’t get to hear the end.  I’d like to read it.  Does anybody have any idea of the title?


I’m going to do an Ed Denson and review Fitch Mountain Eddie’s, which can be found off the Dry Creek exit at the north end of Healdsburg.  I’ve enjoyed their meals in the past, but I tried a breakfast special of theirs, the “Machala scramble,” which incorporated with the eggs, tomatoes, onion, jalapenos, corned beef, and another item or two.  It was served with black beans and tortillas.  They serve some decent coffee, and offer a fun atmosphere all at very reasonable prices.  Much recommended.


I’ve a few more items for later, but work calls.


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