PDF file (warning to dial-uppers)

Thanks to Not a Native for bringing my attention to it in the thread below.  S/he has already taken a look at the numbers and has some interesting thoughts as they apply to Sohum.

I’ll take a look at the numbers later on and add some of my own thoughts if I have any.  First off I’d like to compare the results to June.  The comparison could be instructive for future campaigns.

Addendum: Well, it’s pretty much as expected.  You can find the results on pages 46 to 48.   Clif won big in Fortuna.  Estelle had a commanding lead in Sohum.  Johanna won in Hydesville, Carlotta, and big time in Scotia.

Clif did edge Estelle out in one Sohum precinct – 2SH3.  I have no idea where that is.

The June results are here and you can find the precinct totals on pages 680 to 682.

The format isn’t friendly to the eyes.  More later.

Second addendum: Well, check out what Hank did!  Very easy on the eyes.