I just heard on the radio that someone was trampled to death by a shopper stampede.  I don’t know the details.  I’ll post a follow-up later.

I ask the question every year.  How many of you actually go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving and why?  Somebody posted last year that she didn’t even have money to spend, but simply wanted to be there to feel the thrill of it.  I don’t know.  It seems to me to exemplify a collective mental illness when it comes to consumption,  Maybe a prolonged economic downturn followed by the loss of status as the world’s largest economy will actually do us some good.

Addendum: It was a WalMart in Long Island.  The victim was an employee, sorry, “associate.”  The New York Post has the video if you’re up for it.

More later.

Second addendum: The store was closed, then reopened later in the day.  There are calls for investigations by OSHA and the District Attorney.

The Bitten Apple contains some more thoughts on the day.

Third addendum: On the upside, it appears that local merchants did well yesterday.