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Mostly I’m posting Obama’s address of today to test the embed video function here.  First sentence he invokes Lincoln, although since the 16th President invented Thanksgiving, I guess it’s not entirely grandiose.  Certainly the “Team of Rivals” theme in the media was also on his mind as progressives like me aren’t entirely happy with most of his appointments thus far (Melody Barnes is really the only authentic progressive nominated for anything yet).  Yes, I know his actions are more important than his appointments, and yeah, he’s providing himself cover.  Still.

There are three blue books in a case behind him.  Nothing is there by accident, but there’s no way to read the titles.  Any idea what they might be?

The words of Grandma Ronnie, gone now for 11 years.  She introduced me to many culinary pleasures from the great root to crab cocktail and cow tongue sandwiches.  In her honor, my family puts rutabaga on the table every year.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Number of Precincts 27

Precincts Reporting 27 100.0 %

Total Votes 12,640.

CLIF CLENDENEN      5,009 39.63%

Write-in Votes               4,003 31.67%

ESTELLE FENNEL        3,628 28.70%

Addendum: The County Election Results also show Ed Smiith the second place winner for the Healthcare District, and confirm Susan Ornelas over Michael Machi for the third city council spot in Arcata.  The precinct summaries aren’t ready yet.

Who: Recycled Youth

What: Their newest play, Be It Ever So Humboldt

When: December 4th-6th, 2008

Where: Mateel Community Center (Redway, CA)

Why: Support teen/ community theatre!

Recycled Youth’s Be It Ever So Humboldt At Mateel December 4-6

On December 4th, 5th, and 6th, the Mateel Community Center in Redway is proud to host the newest theatrical work by Recycled Youth, a teen theatre troupe directed by Joani Rose, Barbara Penny, and Susan Alexander. This year’s play is entitled Be It Ever So Humboldt, and it once again tackles a variety of important social and political topics. The play shows exclusively at the Mateel Community Center for 3 nights only on December 4th, 5th, and 6th. Doors open at 7:30pm with curtain at 8:00 for all performances. Admission is at the door only and offered for a price of $10 adults and $5 for those under 19. Additional donations will also be accepted to help support this great community program, which is made possible in part by funds from the Mateel Community Center, Mel & Grace McLean Foundation, North Coast Cultural Trust, and community donors. For more information call the Mateel office at 923-3368 or visit and don’t miss Recycled Youth in Be It Ever So Humboldt, December 4th-6th.


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