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I just wanted to draw your attention to these posts on Squaw Rock, in Mendo by 101, near the Sonoma County border. Both Kym and Ernie have deep family north coast roots and you can find some fascinating local history on both blogs.

Kym’s post was first. Ernie has some more.

My reaction the first time I heard the name some 20 years ago was to sneer at the naming as borderline racist as the word “squaw” is Alonquian, a language grouping which is located well east of California, the word actually having been recorded by Plymouth colonists as part of the language of the tribes they encountered. What I didn’t know until I just googled the word is that Alonquian is a subset of languages in the “Algic” family. There are two languages in the Algic family which are not Alonquian – Yurok and Wiyot. I realize that neither of the latter extended so far south, but I guess it’s not completely unfathomable that the word was used on the north coast. Maybe someone can tell me if either of the local tribes use the word?

The map of the Algic language (obviously long after its theoretical roots in the Pacific northwest) comes from Wikipedia.

You’ll be able to find it here. Thanks to Heraldo for the heads-up.

Now with all the problems facing Security National and the newspaper going belly up, will there even be any money to move on it assuming it passes muster? Supervisor-election Mark Lovelace has long maintained that there’s no way it can make it through all of the numerous obstacles, political, economic, and regulatory. And we’ve been waiting for over a year now on the release of a proponent-backed study which would rebut the BAE Study of ten years ago which outlined the potential impacts of various additional big box stores on the local economy, including Home Depot. In fact as I’m reviewing my coverage back to my discussion with Morrissey and Gans, I have to wonder why it hasn’t been completed and released. They certainly didn’t wait around to release their poll results, timed just before a crucial election.

Obviously the proposal hasn’t been dropped. But is the money there to pursue the proposal? Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Marina Center was ultimately pushed through with the backing of Obama’s “build baby build” economic strategy in terms of federal funds? Brian told me that Rob Arkley really wasn’t interested in public grants, but I can’t imagine at this point that he’d refuse money if private investors aren’t available.

The photo comes from Balloon Track Watch, which apparently hasn’t been active for well over a year now. The site still contains this classic Jibjab video Big Box Mart.

I guess it’s a possibility.

I do have to say that the argument that the Secretary of the Interior should of necessity be a hunter is lame.


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