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Nothing definitive from the MSM, but the chatter is reaching a significant pitch.

Of course the vast majority voted against, but it wasn’t quite unanimous. Almost so in the Castro (97% no – makes you wonder who in the neighborhood represents the three percent), but neighborhoods like Bayview-Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, and the Excelsior – neighborhoods heavy with African-American and Hispanic voters, usually guaranteed heavy voting blocks when it comes to liberal positions on economic issues or war, went as much as 65 percent for the ban.

And in San Francisco politics, the “conservative/liberal” divide didn’t really apply to this issue. Even San Francisco conservatives (those whom the Bay Guardian refers to as supporters of “downtown interests) tend to be socially liberal, and so Pacific Heights, the Marina, Mission Bay, etc. voted against the measure. There were some “new money” pockets of support downtown, as the article points out, consisting of newcomers to the city who have not yet been what some may consider afflicted with progressive osmosis.

According to a San Francisco Chronicle article, Asians were split among first generation and those beyond. So some Chinatown precincts went for the proposition, while the Richmond and Sunset went almost entirely against – a few light blue shaded precincts appearing in the middle of the Sunset in the above map which comes from the article.

Meanwhile, the map indicates that the progressive heart of the city (Castro, Noe Valley, Haight, etc.) exceeded 90 percent opposition to the proposition. I do know a conservative family which resides in that realm. But even they voted against Proposition 8.

I post this to emphasize that future campaigns to overturn 8 (if the courts don’t do it) will require that gay rights activists from minority communities are going to have to push hard to change minds. These aren’t people who hate homosexuals. They are afraid of this kind of change.

Addendum: Lots of anti-prop 8 protests across the country today.

Second addendum: Heraldo has some coverage and photos from today’s Eureka demo. He links to a site which explains the inadequacy of civil union status as a practical matter.

I’ll be on the computer for much of the weekend to check on this thread. Couldn’t make it tonight due to my son’s event at Cecil’s, and the meeting’s probably over by now. If anything happened, please feel free to report.


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