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Along with other art to be on display at Cecil’s this Friday evening. I generally don’t put images of my children online just because of some of the nutty posts, but I’m making an exception here. Asher is on the right. It may be hard to recognize him since he was missing a couple of teeth at the time. Of course, many of you should recognize Persia on the left.

There will also be a musical presentation by the kids. It’s a fund raiser for the Skyfish music program. Starts at 6:00 p.m.

Addendum: Just received this e-mail from Beginnings:

Beginnings and Cecil’s will present an art exhibit and musical performance on Friday, November 14th at Cecil’s in Garberville. This whimsical evening, which begins at 6PM, will showcase the talents of Skyfish school children, both in art and in music. All are invited to come enjoy an exhibit of expressive art and of joyous music created through the enthusiasm of the children. The musical portion of the evening is made possible by Skyfish music teacher Marie Schafer, whose creativity and passion inspires her students to high entertainment. Donations made to the school that evening will help support the Skyfish music program. ALL CHILDREN MUST BE AT CECIL’S AT 5:45 TO GET READY FOR A PERFORMANCE AT 6:00. If you plan to eat at Cecil’s, please make reservation for the time and number in your party.

Friday, November 14th

Mateel’s Annual Membership Meeting & Party
Dinner & meeting at 5:30pm/ Party afterwards
Music by Ponche!

Free for MCC members. $10 non-members at the door.

Contribute to your Community Center – attend the Annual membership meeting!

Check out this map comparing the voting results of 2004 with 2008. The counties which are blue increased their votes for the Democratic candidate. Those in red increased their votes for the Republican candidate.

There’s a story in here somewhere.

More on stats and realignment through this link.

Addendum: Okay, I was looking at the map wrong I guess. There is no red in New England whatsoever, not even in Massachussets. Maybe I just needed my glasses. (Update: I take it back again. I guess it depends on which computer I’m on. Weird.)

Anyway, the map ultimately comes from the NY Times, which literally breaks it all down for you.


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