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Number of Precincts 27
Precincts Reporting 27 100.0 %
Times Counted 10708/16536 64.8 %
Total Votes 10285

ESTELLE FENNEL 2921 28.40%
CLIF CLENDENEN 4082 39.69%
Write-in Votes 3282 31.91%

Just got back from a terrific party at Hot Brew celebrating Clif’s win. What a day! As I usually do for elections, I took the day off to work GOTV. As I said earlier, we had some drama which included a Mercer Fraser electronic sign on Main Street pushing Johanna’s campaign without permission from the city until removed following numerous complaints to the city manager. There were cards placed in voting booths “informing” voters of the correct spelling for Johanna Rodoni. Poll workers at one Fortuna polling place were “reminding” voters to fill in the bubble for write-in candidacies. One poll worker worked half the day before learning that there was a difference between ordinary ballots and provisional ballots, as the polling place was just about to run out of provisional ballots. Scotia’s poll workers were extremely surely towards Clif’s volunteers who went to check on the turnout of our target group, on poll worker even telling them “I can see you from here.” What she thought they were going to do with the list, God only knows.

I really enjoyed working with Fortuna people on Clif’s campaign. Bill Thorington ran an excellent campaign with a lot of leadership coming from different people north and south. Local Solutions provided an excellent list based upon identification of voters through phone banking, and it just seemed that out voters turned out like clockwork. Literally, I’d get to a page on the precinct list and three names would be highlighted to indicate a cast vote and all three of them would be on my list. I think we may have turned out 90 percent of our highest priority target voters in Fortuna, Scotia, and Rio Dell.

Anyway, it was a fascinating campaign. I’m glad it’s over. Estelle and Johanna ran great campaigns as well, mostly positive except for a few emotionally charged anonymous bloggers and talk show call-ins.


Here are the Hospital Board results. I’m not saying how I voted, but I think this is a decent result in light of good points being raised by both sides of the discussion. Some issues have to be hashed out, and unfortunately most of the community only had the “he said/she said” hearsay from those who are directly involved. I think the community did pretty well with what it had. I actually liked all of the candidates and would have been happy with any combination of them. A split decision sends a message that the community wants the Board to settle down on the finger pointing and start hashing out what the problems are and come up with some solutions.

Number of Precincts 9
Precincts Reporting 9 100.0 %
Times Counted 3326/5111 65.1 %
Total Votes 5200

NANCY R. WILSON 1503 28.90%
ED SMITH 1146 22.04%
DAVID KIRBY 1101 21.17%
CHLOE BEAR 477 9.17%
Write-in Votes 12 0.23%

Obama wins.

Addendum: My state predictions have come true with the exception of two which remain too close to call. I had called Indiana for McCain and Missouri for Obama. It’s a razor thin difference in each, but it appears that the results are reversed. It looks like Obama probably squeezed out a win in North Carolina!

I’ll have much more to say tomorrow night.

Second addendum: Indiana was called for Obama. It looks like Georgia is an open question again with rumors that the early vote wasn’t counted.

And the wins last night were bittersweet. It looks like separate but equal prevails again in California.


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