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I’ll let this be the thread to report any problems voting or other irregularities.

I’m working GOTV for Clif up here in Fortuna and a gentleman just came into the office to report that when he went to vote locally he found a piece of paper left in the booth with the correct spelling for Johanna Rodoni. He found another one in another booth. He reported it to the poll workers who said they believe they were probably just left their inadvertently, which is most likely the case. However, the poll workers need to check the booths to make certain there is no campaigning material whatsoever. If you find anything in the booths please report them immediately.

Meanwhile, voter intimidation/suppression is being reported in North St. Louis, including police cars circling the lines in African American heavy districts. There are also problems with machines in Philadelphia in which voters are selecting Obama and then hitting the Democratic ticket option and having the presidential vote erased. In Virginia several dozen polling places were late in opening and machines are failing in some places, but actually the paper ballot is probably safer anyway – just means returns might be slower. More as I have it.

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Two tiny towns in New Hampshire traditionally conduct their voting on the eve of everybody else’s election. The names of the towns are Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location. The votes are in.

Dixville Notch:

Obama 15
McCain 6

Hart’s Location:

Obama 17
McCain 10
Ron Paul 2 (write in)

Bush won both towns in 2004. In fact, the results are traditionally favored Republican.

Here’s some fun from West Wing.

Olbermann – what if the gaffes had been in reverse?

A big day tomorrow. Incredible as it sounds, we’re going to elect a black man with a name that ends in a vowel. We may turn a corner in civil rights right here in California, the beginning of the end to the last Jim Crow law (Republicans may opposed it now, but in five years the majority of them will vote with us, and in twenty they’ll be taking credit for it). Palin starts negotiating a contract with Fox, the Hollywood Squares for right wing pols. Joe the Plumber’s 15 minutes come to an end. And we in the Second District decide whether we want suburban sprawl with a cheap plastic crap based economy or Tokyo style compact living (plans C and A respectively).

Don’t accept a provisional ballot.

I feel much better about the prospects of defeating Proposition 8, which would represent a turning point in civil rights even more significant than the Cal Supreme Court decision itself.

I’m more concerned about Proposition 4. The nearly identical proposal has been put on the ballot twice before and defeated each time. The proponents are tenacious and if it fails this time, it’ll probably be put on the ballot again next year.

They probably don’t understand why it hasn’t passed. It sounds so reasonable. Parents want to know what’s happening with their teenage daughter’s health, and they’re responsible for them. The natural tendency is to vote as if the existing law is going to impact them – as if they are in the small minority of parent/daughter relationships where the trust is compromised.

I’ve been asked how I would feel if my daughter got an abortion without my knowledge. I’d feel horrible about it if I found out, but it’s much more of a priority to me that my daughter gets the counseling and care she needs. If I’ve done something so that she can’t come to me, I want her taken care of.

Yes, I understand the impulse. But aside from the issues of choice and health care, the proposition contains it’s own contradiction. On the one hand, the proponents claim this is about the parents’ control and decision making about their teenagers’ health care. But the same proposition allows the girl to refuse an abortion, even if the parents want her to have one. I actually agree with this provision, but she already has that right under existing law. The point is that it contradicts the whole parental control issue. It’s not about parental rights. It’s about abortion – about what is the best way to minimize abortion. Under parental control going one way, autonomous where she would act in the manner satisfying to the Prop 4 proponent cause.

Make no mistake, this campaign is about choice.


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