She doesn’t… well, she does now, but she didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is. You could see it immediately in her body language and tone when she asked “in what respect Charlie?” She’s not a poker player. And it becomes even more painfully clear after a few questions, before Gibson hands her a lifeline by explaining the doctrine to her. She hasn’t been engaged. I’m sure they’ll have her ready to regurgitate talking points for the debate and be proclaimed to have held her own, but she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She wasn’t ready for this interview. I can see why they hid her from the press.

I think she was in a bit of a bind with the Pakistan question. Ironically, it’s actually Obama who has suggested unilateral action against Pakistan, and McCain called the suggestion amateurish as he holds the military alliance with Pakistan to be paramount. But Palin probably agrees with Obama. She can’t answer yea or nay. She had to dodge with the standard talking points.

Addendum: Here’s a Gina Gershon parody of Palin. I actually don’t think it’s all that funny, but I’ve had a crush on her since City of Hope, and even more so since she punched out Bob Dylan.

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Addendum: McCain’s free ride with the media may be over, at least for the moment. AP is slamming him on Bridge to Nowhere, his claims that Obama would raise taxes, his claim that Obama called his running mate a pig, earmarks, his running mate’s ignorance of the Bush Doctrine, her insights into Russia, and the fact that apparently there is something to the book burning claim.

Meanwhile, despite her previous pledge of cooperation with the Troopergate investigation, Palin may try to kill the subpoenas.

And a fellow Republican calls her a “cocky wacko.”

Second addendum: The milibite of the week? “In what respect, Charlie?”

Third addendum: The Alaska Senate Judiciary Committee just voted to issue 13 subpoenas in the Troopergate matter, including one for Todd Palin, Alaska’s “jfirst dude.”

And hmmm – the vote included two Democrats with a Republican from Wisilla breaking the deadlock.