Most candidates love getting free television time, especially long interviews where they can make their points at length and have the voters get to know them better. The Sunday talk shows are a favorite. Today John McCain will get a full half hour on CBS’ Face the Nation, Barack Obama goes on ABC’s This Week, and Joe Biden takes the hot seat at NBC’s Meet the Press. Sarah Palin is avoiding free media when every network would love to have her. All it would take is one phone call to CNN, for example, and she’d be on there for half an hour, for free. This behavior gives the impressesion that the McCain campaign is afraid to have her interviewed in depth by experienced reporters for fear of what she might say. The problem is not gaffes–Biden makes them from time to time, but will still be grilled. The real problem is she might say something intentionally that she really and truly believes (like victims of rape should be forced to bear their rapist’s child) and this will shock the viewers. It will be interesting to see how long Palin can avoid giving interviews and whether the media starts to point out this behavior.

In the same post the webmaster reports that the Intrade people are predicting an Obama win.

Also Joe Biden’s son and brother have been sued in a business dispute.

And though McCain did get a poll bounce, Obama remains ahead in the two primary tracking polls.

Meanwhile, the McCain-is-hiding-Palin-from-the-media storyline is becoming an issue.

And with this ad, community organizers (once referred to by the Republicans as “a thousand points of light,” but are now non-grata unless they happen to be faith based) are hitting back.

One faith based C.O. is calling on Palin to apologize.

On the other hand, give credit to President Bush who is touring the country to survey the disastrous effects of his presidency.

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency

Addendum: Anecdotal evidence that while Palin has “shored up the base” she will not have broad appeal to Clinton voters.