I have some thoughts, which I’ll get to later.

No mention of Bush during the speech.

The talking heads, even after McCain’s speech, are talking Palin. Maybe they should have reversed the ticket.

Last week Obama made 29 specific policy proposals. Tonight McCain made 3.

The stage is set. I give Obama a 60 percent chance of winning.

Addendum: Apparently Palin will be ducking the press throughout the campaign.

And this story may be part of the reason. The Police Officers Union in Alaska has filed an ethics complaint against her alleging that she improperly accessed her ex-brother-in-law’s personnel file. The complaint states that “criminal penalties may apply.”

Second addendum: The 911 video played at the convention tonight have some upset.

Third addendum: This Kos blogger notes the words which never got mentioned tonight (Besides George W. Bush in tandem): Climate Change, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Torture, Abortion.

Fourth addendum: Palin has obviously had a revolutionary effect on right wing talking heads everywhere. Obviously she’s made them look inward in an introspective manner, confront their inner sexism, and evolve. Jon Stewart documents the remarkable transformations. It’s all very touching really. Maybe next we’ll see Rove, O’Reilly, and Morris out in the woods banging drums to call upon the Horned God in deference to the Goddess.