I have to leave for Bull Creek to camp with my son’s class tonight, but I wanted to provide a thread for the RNC. Fred Thompson is giving a very good speech as I type. Some good swipes at Obama, and a very detailed and moving account of McCain’s POW years. He’s doing his candidate well.

He is repeating a fib re McCain and earmark spending. McCain has in reality brought plenty of pork back to Arizona. If I have the time, I’ll post a link or two on topic.

Thompson also said something about McCain being the toughest candidate since “we first started pledging allegiance to the flag.” I believe that’s just over 60 years.

Kos on Thompson’s Green Bay Packers reference.

Fred just told the touching story of McCain giving the names of the Green Bay Packers to his captors while he was a POW, which makes sense since they’re in Minnesota. Not like when McCain told the story, saying it was the Pittsburgh Steelers when he was in Pennsylvania recently. I can’t wait until he goes to Florida and says it was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Preceding him was a video mini-documentary on Reagan. I didn’t find it impressive, but then Obama’s video aside I didn’t find any of the DNC videos I saw last week particularly impressive either.

7:40 p.m. – Lieberman’s up. He’s about 30 seconds into it and he’s already putting me to sleep. Let’s see if it gets better.

7:44 p.m. – Well, he’s said that country is more important than party about seven times in a minute and a half. Got some cheers each time. Now he’s repeating his earlier comments about how it shouldn’t take a hurricane to bring us together. Put our country first.

Think he’ll bring up abortion?

7:49 – He just made the obligatory Michael Moore reference.

I wonder if he’ll make a special appeal to Jews, Palin being a concern having addressed Jews for Jesus favorably just two weeks ago.

Lieberman just praised Clinton. Very tepid clapping in response.

7:54 – He’s back to the country is more important than party theme.

8:03 – He’s through. I’ve forgotten how it ended. I’ve spent most of the last 20 minutes trying to find a black face in the crowd. I saw a very exuberant East Indian man, a more subdued East Indian woman. Other than that, a sea of white.

The stage is much more, well, conservative than the Democrats’. A black square box with a wooden podium and a huge screen behind, mostly showing flags.

Oh, there’s a black face. An MSNBC reporter interviewing Newt, who just said the GOP is “much broader than the Democrats.”

Newt just got testy with the reporter accusing him of “baloney” with regard to Palin’s record. The Republicans clearly don’t like the media coverage so far.

They just went to a commercial break with a clip from Bush. Did Bush really compare the “angry left” with McCain’s North Vietnamese captors? Sheesh!

8:13 – An e-mailing reader says of the Lieberman speech, “now I know how Gore lost in 2000.”

8:27 – Some of the commentators are marveling at Lieberman’s taking the kool-aid with regard to Palin. The odd thing is, I’ve now watched about a dozen Republicans, including Lieberman, interviewed about Palin’s qualifications and asked “do you really believe she was the best choice to replace McCain should something happen?” Not one straight answer. Lots of hemming and hawing about how it’s the top of the ticket that matters. But I remember a line from West Wing about the fictional president’s VP choice, “because I might die.”

The networks are suggesting that Palin’s speech may draw more viewers than McCain’s.

8:43 – Is Palin hiding from reporters? I’m off. Be back tomorrow.