I didn’t get to hear all of Thank Jah this morning, but I did hear one caller take issue with Sue’s letter stating that Clif is the only candidate who opposes big box development. It is clearly the biggest difference between the positions of Clif and Estelle, and I would summarize each candidate’s position as follows.

Clif – while certain big box developments may be appropriate for other communities, it is not appropriate for the Second District. The Second District is not large enough to metabolize such a development without serious negative alterations of the local economy. While Fortuna does mostly have the institutional power to make the decision on its own, it is an issue which affects the district and the county as a whole and a supervisor should take a public leadership role and participate in the discussion in behalf of the district and county, even if it means “stepping on some toes.” Supports a mixed use plan for the PALCO land.

Estelle– doesn’t oppose all big boxes and supports mixed use which may include a big box. Believes that it is ultimately Fortuna’s decision to make. Has not offered any discussion of what role, if any, she would play in the discussion if elected supervisor.

Roger – it’s Fortuna’s business and nobody else’s.

Johanna – ???

If I’ve misstated or left anything out of the positions, please let me know. And yes, I understand that you might disagree with a particular candidate’s position on an issue and still support him/her. We can have two threads of discussion here – the issue itself and its significance for the Second District election. Personally, I believe it relates to larger issues of development of the county, the general plan, and questions of vision. We know that code enforcement issues are being linked to development issues, and very unusual alliances are being struck which could result in some odd realignments of local politics. You might ask why certain conservative forces seem to act as if they’re more threatened by Clif than Estelle. It’s certainly been evident in these threads.