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I sat down with a hard copy over lunch and read several of the articles from this week’s issue. All of them were compelling reads. I already posted below on Marcy’s article on the dark side of blogs.

I haven’t read everything yet. Joseph Byrd’s piece on local “sushi horror” for instance, but I suspect I know what he’s going to say. Joseph, my wife makes excellent sushi. I’m sure she’ll love to make some for you sometime. That sushi place in SF with the ironic slogan “just like Mom used to make” will have no irony for my kids. She’s got it down.

But I was really deeply moved by the collection of Roger stories, some of the best tributes coming from his political adversaries. My favorite story is the Mary Lou Willits account of Roger’s pet baby bear, which says something about him even if it’s a tall tale.

The Town Dandy has a rehash of the election scenarios for the Second District, and also a very disturbing piece about heavy-handed censorship at Eureka High School.

I may not even get to the crossword puzzle this week!

Last night’s KHSU debate was obviously canceled. It will be held next Thursday night, May 8, at 7:00 p.m.

The CLMP/League of Women Voters debate scheduled for 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 7 remains on schedule (doors will open at the Vet’s Hall at 6:00 and you may be able to meet the candidates), so these debates will be held on back-to-back evenings. I am told by a CLMP representative that they are going to approach the League of Women voters about what to do about the Rodoni campaign. The representative’s feeling is that anybody who has declared a write-in candidacy will be welcome to attend, but no formal decision has been made about that.

The remaining debates remain as scheduled to the best of my knowledge.

Addendum: Cristina has the details of all of the currently scheduled debates.

Debate graphic comes from City Forensics.

Second addendum: They held a 3rd District candidates debate on KHSU instead. Heraldo reports on it.

I’m posting to her column with a mild sense of irony, considering her points about newspaper material providing fodder for blogs. Some good points. I’m not sure I agree with all of them, but definitely food for thought.

I love this part though:

People in the press have a hate-love relationship with bloggers. If you earn your keep as a writer, you tend to be leery of anyone who produces content for no pay.

Almost makes me feel like a scab!

I also chuckled at the part where she describes her online chat experience in which she was trying to hold a serious discussion while the others were hitting on each other.

By the way, she has her own blog, although all of her posts have previously been published in hard print. If you’re single and looking for a date, head on over to her chat threads!

Okay, it’s all over the blogs and seeping into mainstream coverage. Free Republic’s whipping up a storm over it. And Daily Kos (Obama blog central these days) is crowing as well (actually, it’s a “rec’d” diary, not a primary Kos posting). Jake Tapper of ABC has it. Drudge has linked to tapper.

The story being a clip from the documentary The War Room in which Mickey Kantor allegedly makes some disparaging remarks about Indiana voters. I say allegedly because I can’t make out what he’s saying, and as much as I want Obama to catch a break in this thing, I have a hard time believing he would have said something like that with a video camera in his face.

Here’s the clip with the purported transcript.

For context, here’s an 8 minute clip of The War Room with the exchange.

And why would it take 15 years for this to make news? Fascinating documentary by the way, judging from the larger clip. I never saw it, but I’m going to rent it now.

Addendum: Okay, that was quick. It was a freep job. And the explanation makes sense.

Second addendum: Kantor chimes in. He says that he was referencing the fact that Perot’s poll numbers were holding in key states and that he said “they must bee sh—-ing in the White House” and not talking about the people of Indiana. After viewing the clip again in context, I believe he’s telling the truth.

But it’s all over the place, and now even in the mainstream media. I doubt Obama’s campaign is responsible, but it’s either his supporters or McCain’s. Or somebody who just doesn’t like Clinton.

Third addendum: Well. This is interesting.

Same Old Same Old

An Action Alert was recently called by United for Peace and Justice, focusing on Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha (he’s chair of the Defense Appropriations committee). I dutifully protested by phone their plan to submissively turn over $178 billion to Bush for the Iraq War.

When I did so, I got shunted off quickly by successive Pelosi aides who must have been fielding many calls. I did manage to tell them if they thought this was taking war funding “off the table” for the election, they had another think coming when we showed up in Denver for “Re-create 68” at the DNC convention with our antiwar message. (Hey, get on the bus with the rest of us!)The Murtha aide was much more “receptive” and agreed with the analysis that in fact the Leadership was doing this to remove the issue from the electoral calendar.

Mike Thompson’s Washington aide however assured me that MT would not vote for such an appropriations bill without a timeline.

Pelosi and the Party leadership plan is to not only provide the $108 billion requested by Bush to fund the war through the Sept. 30, the end of the 2008 budget year, but to add another $70 billion for next year, 2009, so they don’t have to vote on war funding again in the fall election season. If passed in this form, such a measure would give the White House complete freedom of action in Iraq through the end of the Bush Administration.

House Democratic leaders apparently do plan to add extended unemployment benefits and new education funding for veterans to President Bush’s war funding bill while dropping lots of other party priorities. Facing a veto threat, the Democratic Party leadership under Pelosi ‘s squad seems to have abandoned the idea of adding billions of dollars for roads, bridges and other stuff such as heating subsidies for the poor and increases in food stamp benefits, in response to pressure from both the left and the right in the House.

For instance, members of the anti-war Out of Iraq Caucus sat down with Pelosi on Wednesday night (April 23) to urge her to separate domestic dollars from the war-spending bill. They did not want to be seen as having to support the war in order to endorse popular domestic spending items.

Furthermore, the caucus endorsed a letter sent to Pelosi by House Republicans pledging to oppose a pork-laden supplemental. GOP Members oppose any add-ons to the bill because they “worry” it could slow down getting money to troops. Republicans, however, say they will not oppose the bill if it includes additional fiscal 2009 war spending that is currently pegged at $70 billion!

The strategy of the Out of Iraq caucus parallels the House Republicans. “People shouldn’t have to choose between voting for food stamps for hungry people and for an occupation that is keeping our young men and women in harm’s way,” said Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), a co-founder of the Out of Iraq Caucus. “The only money we should give for this president is for the protection of our troops and to provide for a safe and responsible redeployment.” Lee acknowledged that the forthcoming spending bill may be the only spending legislation passed this year, but said she is “firmly grounded” to having the measures separated. This will free up the Progressives to vote against the funding bill which will certainly have no time-line but NOT open themselves up to the accusation of voting against the politically correct pork-barrel. Separated out, the pork-barrel will then will be defeated later when vetoed by Bush.

What the anti-war movement is being offered is thus a lose-lose situation. The Blue Dogs and the House Republicans, along with a minority of other Democrats, will carry the Iraq appropriations measure by a safe majority including the Democratic leaderships extra $70 billion intended to carry the voting well past the election in November. I assume that the Out of Iraq Progs and others like our own Mike Thompson will carry out an essentially token, face-saving opposition while The Party Leadership chalks up another “victory” like the Peruvian Free Trade Agreement when 80% of the Blue Dogs and almost all the Republicans passed that bill and most House Democrats didn’t. For the Democratic Party as whole it will thus be a win-win situation.

This is exactly what the antiwar movement does not want. As the United States heads into elections, every Senator and Congressperson should have to stand up and be counted on the question of the war and how they intend to stop it. As for freeing the Presidential nominee from the war issue, isn’t one John Kerry, head in the sand campaign, enough for a lifetime? I can think of no more effective strategy for the Antiwar movement than to “Re-create 68” and go to Denver for the DNC convention at the end of August to hold their feet to the fire, refusing to support a Presidential nominee put forward under these terms. The other excellent option of course is to support the candidacy of Mitch Clogg ( for the Congressional 1st district seat and working on getting debates between Mitch and Mike before the June 3rd primary.


From a CHP press release:

The Commander of the Garberville CHP office, Adam Jager, welcomes Officer Seth Horst to the area. Officer Horst transferred to the Garberville area after graduating from the CHP academy on April 18, 2008. This is the first time in nine years that the Garberville CHP area has received a new Officer directly from the Academy. Officer Horst is originally from Hyde Park in New York. Prior to completing the CHP academy, Officer Horst obtained a B.A. degree in English from Chico State. Officer Horst is married and they have one child. Additionally, as a reminder the CHP is currently in a hiring mode. The CHP is also testing monthly and constantly looking for qualified candidates. Anyone interested in obtaining more information should contact Officer Van Emmerik @ 923-2155.

Officer Erik Van Emmerik
Garberville CHP Special Duty