(edited) PALCO’s creditors are pulling out the stops. I guess they’re concerned about the alternatives offered by the Mendocino Redwood Company and the Nature Conservancy coalition and they’re looking for heavyweights to back their plan.

I haven’t really explored this story, and actually I haven’t really put a lot of work into my blogs lately. I’ve had a vacation, a rush of business, and some family activities which have really taken up my time. I do hope to put in some quality time on this and other local issues when it all slows down.

In the meantime, the Town Dandy explains with some humor the NCJ creditor’s vote in the proceedings. It’s a much better update than I can provide at the moment.

Addendum: Thanks to one of the posters for bringing to my attention that Wilson is not supporting one of the PALCO plans, but a creditors’ plan. Apologies for getting that wrong.