The artwork, by Iris Schenke, is posted on Artists for Hillary.

So, I guess March 4 is Clinton’s “firewall.” Ohio and Texas are states Clinton should do well in – in theory. Ohio being filled with economically hard-hit working class voters and Texas with a large segment of Hispanics and other demographics which did well by her on Super Tuesday.

But Wisconsin is also made up of voters which should have been favorable to her – working class white voters yearning for the Clinton era. She pulled out early, probably so she could wiggle out a defense that she had to focus on March 4 and so Wisconsin doesn’t really count anyway. She made no mention of Wisconsin in her speech last night. But I think she was counting on a closer win. Everybody, including myself, had been praising her organization and ground game based on her New York wins. But as Laura Flanders pointed out on the Peter B. Collins show yesterday, her organization is top down. Obama has made extensive use of volunteers in every state so that the campaign has been off and running before the paid people showed up in each state. Obama’s is the first campaign to successfully run on grassroots power in decades. Howard Dean had made the last attempt, but supporters of John Kerry’s campaign had to pull teeth just to get yard signs. Much is being said about Obama’s money, but it’s much of it has come from small donations.

And by all accounts he has an excellent ground game going in Texas, and while not quite as advanced his Ohio effort is coming together as well. And he’s just opened offices in Vermont and Rhode Island.

I expect Clinton to pull out all the stops. With nothing to lose, Bill will probably go back on the attack. The Clintons have always been at their best when their backs were against the wall. Will Ohio and/or Texas (and Pennsylvania in April) be her Trenton or Waterloo? And even if she wins both, will it matter? The math suggests it’s nearly impossible for Clinton to overtake Obama in pledged deligates. Will the super delegates give her the win if the elected delegates have chosen Obama? How will that play out in November?

Addendum: You say Obama, I say Osama. The media’s still not getting it right. Are we in for 8 years of this?