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Still catching up with the news. Thanks Kevin H. for the heads up.

November 20, 2007

Subject: Narcotics Arrest Case: 200706863


Last night at about 10:00 Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy Dennis Gagnon was on patrol in the Redway area. At the Redway transfer station Deputy Gagnon conducted a traffic stop on a pick-up truck for an equipment violation. The driver, Kenneth Deardeuff, 53 of Redway, was on probation with a search clause. Deputy Gagnon detained Deardeuff and searched his vehicle. Inside Deardeuff’s truck Deputy Gagnon found just over twenty-four grams of heroin.

Deputy Gagnon searched Deardeuff and found 2.1 grams of methamphetamine in his sock. Deardeuff was arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for possession of a controlled substance, possession of a narcotic controlled substance, and possession of a narcotic controlled substance for sale. His bail has been set at $25,000 and he is expected to be arraigned on Monday.


Apologies. The cocaine headline was a jumbling of different stories in my head. I think there was a cocaine bust up north.

My trial kept me in Eureka until late, so I missed some of it. The trial is an emotional ordeal so it was kind of hard to get into the swing of the meeting. There were a few awkward moments, and some anger vented, but otherwise it was relatively calm. Probably a third of last year’s turnout. I was left with the feeling that the Mateel is going to survive the tempest.

For the Board election, the following nominees have been confirmed:

Bob Stern (incumbent)
Rainbow Mountainwalker (incumbent)
Shanon Taliaferro
Andy Burnette
Dennis Huber
Al (“Owl”) Ceraulo
Fredy Champaigne
Michael DeLeon

Nominated but not confirmed as of the moment I was taking it down:
Sara Brook
Tony Fair

Some great choices. You can only vote for three. The statements are due in a week. I’ll post them as soon as they are available.

Lawsuits update: The summary judgment motion decision has not been made. Arbitration
in the Dimmick case is set for January if Dimmick doesn’t prevail in the motion. There was a flurry of settlement discussions, but the parties are still too far apart. The case against People Productions will probably be set for next summer. The Mateel’s lawyers have just sent out a new wave of deposition notices.

The Board is looking into alternative locations for Reggae on the River. I wasn’t clear as to whether they would move the time as well.

Great line – I was introduced to someone who has frequented this blog – she said, “Oh, you’re shorter than I’d thought you’d be!” I’ll take that as a compliment for my writing. Although, there are alternative interpretations…


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