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I wanted to let this go, but Stephen keeps posting a list of quotes about “Jewish racial superiority” which is being spread by neo-Nazi and other hate groups. He’s done it again in a thread below. I’m putting up this link because I don’t know how many of you have read the quotes and accept them as truth. It provides responses to each of the purported Talmud quotes.

Addendum: Okay, anonymous e-mailer, you sent a link to the wrong site. If you send it to me again with the right link, I’ll post it.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to know where Stephen is getting this stuff from, Google the following:

“The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.”

See what comes up. Yes, there are white supremacist sites. But there are others as well. Very disturbing.

Second addendum: Here’s a site which addresses more broadly the misinformation with which the hate groups are flooding the Internet, including the Khazar/Hun theory.

Third addendum: As for the 9/11-Zionist nexus, here’s one for the wingnuts.

Fourth addendum: Jews, Jewish Religion, anti-Semitism, the Talmud and Zionism

Some great sources.

Oh, and the Talmud is not kept secret from gentiles.

And the links on this page actually explain some of the mistranslated quotes, and clarify what the Talmud actually does say on the topics in question.

I’m posting the following from Ernie, then I have to get kids to bed. I’ll come back later to add a few points.

I know this is the wrong thread and it belongs below. I’M just doing a little damage control caused by “Anonymous.

Wow! I haven’t seen such a mess since my cousins pet goose got loose in grandma’s kitchen. It took my cousin and I about a half hour to catch the damn thing! There was broken dishes, broken glasses, feathers and goose crap everywhere, my cousin and I steadfastly claimed that we didn’t know who left the door open, but it was probably my sister. We thought it was true, because who else could it be? Needless to say, sis was pissed when she found out, because she wasn’t even there, she got in big trouble before my dad told grandma that the dog had pushed the door open, because he had seen the dog do it before. I secretly think the dog liked doing that.

What the heck does that have to do with this blog you say? Well, I’ve been out, and I come back to find that “Anonymous” has pushed the door open and let the crap fly.

I asked Estelle what P.B. had to do with her campaign. Her reply was that her only contact with P.B. was when he warned her not to run, that she would only get hurt. Why does she have to put up with all the lies and crap that fly’s off of the fingers of the backbiter’s that lurk here and jump in as soon as it looks like no one is watching?

The next rumor will be that Carol is in the drivers seat and she is really pulling all the strings in Estelle’s campaign. Nothing could be further from the truth, and she and Carol have not even discussed the run for supervisor.

I asked her if P.B. C.B. or P.P were helping to finance her campaign, and she said absolutely not, but if they donated to her campaign she would accept it as a contribution and properly record it.

Any dirt that anyone tries to sneak out there from this point on will only bring Estelle more support, because people don’t like backbiting. And, they don’t like sneaky chicken eating anonymous dogs that keep pushing the door open and letting the crap fly!

Anonymous, try saying something good about your candidate… you do have one… don’t you? But, then again, something nice out of you would be unbelievable.

Now for the good side: There has been a ground swell of support for Estelle, and she is very encouraged. She say’s that no matter what happens from this point on that nothing can hurt her, because she has found out what true friends she really has, and they are going way out of their way to support her. She is already busy talking to people at public meetings, and meeting with people that don’t know her yet . Most people are surprised to find that she has members of all parties, across the board supporting her, and they are going to the trouble of finding out why. They don’t have to talk to Estelle long to offer her their support also. She has been a great student of politics.

Don’t believe anything you read, and only half of what you see. If it’s from “Anonymous” it’ stands a very good chance of being goose crap. Estelle will be more than glad to answer any of your questions in public, but she has said that she would not respond to anyone that wouldn’t face her. Seems fair and “Civil” to me.

Thanks to Fred for the heads-up on this letter from John Murray in the Eureka Reporter.


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