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I hadn’t really been paying attention, but I guess Democrats did well in elections across the country yesterday.

Since I left my house this morning I’ve had several people approach either to let me know that they voted at the last minute last night (in case I’d noticed their names and was mad at them) or apologized profusely for being unable to vote with what seem to me to be more than adequate explanations.

Like I said, I was disappointed. It’s wearing off. I know life can be complicated. So I hereby absolve you of all sins of omission. Say three Hail Maries and genuflect in the presence of the face of Bob Dobbs while singing his Numa based anthem and we’re good.

Yes, I’ve found religion. Bob give us slack!

We know of at least one person who “gave up” trying to find it. It was held at the New Wine Fellowship, but most people didn’t know it had moved into the DMV building. And the sign wasn’t very apparent.

Thing is, the address should have been on the voting materials in the mail, and I would assume that most voters are capable of using a telephone to get the information. We received a couple of calls, and when we realized there was a problem we brought a big sign up and started giving the people we called a heads-up.

I noticed the sign when I drove in to check the lists, but then I knew where I was going ahead of time.

How many people gave up? I will compare the turnout there with other precincts when I have that information. I doubt 141 people wandered around until they gave up. But maybe a few who were tired or in a hurry were disenfranchised.

The County Council’s moratorium on residential development of TPZ land will not be extended. Rodoni voted against the measure because of some associated provisions which include investigation into when the construction of a residence is necessary to the management of timber resources.


There was a fatal plane crash at the Garberville airport yesterday. The victims weren’t locals apparently. I may have some more later on.


I also heard reports of a fatal truck accident at Legget, mostly from a client who got caught in the subsequent traffic on his way to meet me. I don’t have any details.


Rep. Tom Lantos called Yahoo company heads “moral pygmies” and compared them to Nazi collaborators for helping the Chinese government nail a couple of dissidents who got 10 years of prison each for posting criticism of the government online anonymously.

Who owns WordPress Heraldo?


Astronomers found another candidate planet for life.


Prop. 90, the sequel, comes to polling places next June. Scenes from the first episode. The new one is as bad as the first. They obviously wanted to avoid the larger primary turnout.


I also finally got to read the Sohum papers. Three marijuana related stories on the front page of the Independent, plus Cristina Bauss interviews Scott Creacin who now heads up EPIC. They’ve an event this weekend. I’ll post something later.

Oh, and Pam’s question of the week generated a joke, “why did the hippies move to Humboldt? Because they heard there was no work.” Thank Stu Moscowitz for that one.


Still no word on the summary judgment motion.

Newsom appears to have wrapped up an easy win and is on his way to a run for governor in two years.

Meanwhile, in keeping with progressive sentiment, SF voters approved more funding for municipal rail and defeated a measure to create more parking.

Not sure what happened with Prop K, the anti-billboard measure. Nor Prop E which will require the mayor to come to a city council once a month to get yelled at.

Apparently, the count won’t be final for weeks.

CARLOS QUILEZ 2035 44.90%
ROY CURLESS 2175 47.99%
Write-in Votes 4 0.09%

Quilez and his supporters ran a hell of a campaign against incredible odds. Kudos to him, his wife Jess, his treasurer Bill Thorington, to Dennis and Local Solutions for their extensive support, and to numerous volunteers who worked long hours in a very well organized GOTV effort. And kudos to the Sohum voters who made their way to the polls and made it so close.

You know, if a few more of the Sohum “activist” types had come to the polls and maybe encouraged some of their friends, the results might have been dramatically different. I can tell you that I am going get the records as to who voted. Anybody who sat this election out will not get my support for any position, government or non-profit board. Sorry. It was like pulling teeth to get people to even pay attention to this race, and we’ve lost an opportunity because so many who rant about political issues throughout the year just can’t be bothered with what they perceive as mundane or “within the system.” Some of the people we called even became abusive with the volunteers, then didn’t bother to vote – maybe for the better. This election could have profoundly altered the direction of the county’s development.

141 more votes. That’s all we needed. A fraction of the crowd at an average Mateel hip-hop or reggae event on a Friday night.

I’ll take a closer look at the geographic breakdowns tomorrow.

Give Roy Curless and his people credit. They pulled it together in the last weeks of the campaign with some of their own GOTV. Carlos might otherwise have run away with it.

Meanwhile, Higgins mopped up the floor with Ollivier. I thought Higgins had a good chance of winning, but I thought it would be much closer. What happened to the union support for Ollivier?

I’m tired. Good night.

Addendum 11/7: The NCJ conducted post-election interviews of each of the candidates. I won’t be able to listen and comment until later.

I got put on hold calling the elections department. There are apparently some updates. I’ll report them as soon as I have them. Unfortunately, blogger is going down for maintenance at 11.

The absentee count so far in the Second is as follows:

Curless 1510
Quilez 1195
Morris 223

I have the results of the Garberville precinct.

Quilez 114
Curless 19
Morris 2

I didn’t write down the 5th district absentee numbers, but Higgins was ahead by 2 or 3 hundred votes.

Update: from the Elections Office:

Curless 1524
Quilez 1224
Morris 225

From the 5th

Higgins 1393
Ollivier 902

I’d say Higgins has it wrapped up.

Addendum: You can get to the election results here.

Second addendum: I now believe the woman answering the phone at the elections department has it wrong, now that I’ve had a chance to visit the election site. 46 percent of the precincts counted. If the Sohum precincts have yet to be counted, Quilez has a chance.


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